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Medieval times on B95

kbos-logo_2_0_1363794416The setting: I’m in my car this morning driving along Palm Avenue toward work. With my brain firmly ensconced in my current book on CD, I reach the end of the disk and pop it out, and the radio comes on. It’s B95 with the Morning Juice Crew. It isn’t my usual commute fare, but as I prepare to pop in my next CD, my attention is riveted.

The topic: Are homosexuals inhabited by evil spirits?

The back story: One of the DJs is explaining that he got into hot water with some listeners earlier in the morning for coming out firmly against the evil-spirits hypothesis. (Which is reassuring, though another DJ’s less than scholarly opinions on the city of Sodom don’t exactly set the bar for insightful discourse.) That, in turn, sparked a discussion rounding up all the usual conversational suspects in today’s culture wars on the subject: interpretation of Scripture, separation of church and state, generational attitudes, etc. Yes, I know that gay rights is a hot-button topic these days. But evil spirits? Not your usual morning-drive topic.

A possible explanation: When I arrive at work, I learn that B95 sponsored a screening of the movie “Evil Dead” the night before, which includes a scene in which one of the female characters gets possessed — don’t you hate it when that happens? — and begins making sexual moves on another woman. As I talk with my colleagues, we’re not sure if there’s a direct link between the movie and the big B95 brouhaha, but it seems like a pretty good explanation.

Just plain weird: Thinking back, I have to laugh on two separate counts. As the DJs and listeners sparred on the subject, it occurred to me that the year could be 1013, not a thousand years later. People in the Middle Ages were certainly big on evil spirits, after all. (It’s hard to imagine what they’d think about hip-hop, though.) And the second count is this: Why were those upset folks listening to B95, which wouldn’t exactly qualify as the godliest station in town, in the first place? Have they heard some of those lyrics?

Responses to "Medieval times on B95"

Peter Robertson says:

It’s left-handed people that are possessed by evil spirits, don’t you remember? Inquistion and all? LOL.

Stephen says:

I don’t know Greg of the morning crew, but I know Andre. He’s articulate, intelligent, and/but a top-notch comedian.

Therefore I suspect that at least Andre had a tongue deeply embedded into his cheek. I hope.

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