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Facebook post of the day: Trashique edition

At this very moment, I’d wager there are artists all over the Valley working on — or at least stressing about — their creations in the Fresno Art Museum’s upcoming Trashique event. One of them is Nancy Youdelman, who posted this work-in-progress on Facebook.


Youdelman writes:

I think you can tell what “trash” I used to make it. My category is Judy Chicago, my former teacher who is a cat person. She has and has had many cats as pets through the years. She has done drawings of them and wrote and illustrated a book called “Kitty City” with “tales” about all of her cats.

I see the Friskies bag and the cat toy. Are there any sharp-eyed cat owners out there who can find other cat references in the photo?

Trashique features Valley artists who create over-the-top fashions out of recycled material. It’s set for April 20.

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