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Some TV shows remain real mysteries

42One of the worst things about television is how a series will end without revealing the truth behind some big mystery. I’m still trying to find out the secrets of the 1967 series “Coronet Blue.” Frank Converse played a man who was shot and his body dumped in the river. He doesn’t die, but loses his memory. The only thing he can remember is the phrase “Coronet Blue.”

There have been other shows that have caused such anguish. What was really going on in “Tru Calling?” Where was “FlashForward” headed? Did Alf escape?

I did find out the secret behind the short-lived FOX series “John Doe.” Dominic Purcell played a man who has knowledge of everything in the world except for his own life. The explanation I was given was John Doe died and was about to enter Heaven and was pulled back just before completing his journey. That’s what caused his unusual memories.

Recently, I was talking to Chadwick Boseman for his role in the new feature film “42” where he portrays Jackie Robinson. You’ll see that story when the film opens. Just before the interview ends, I ask him what was the story behind his short-lived NBC series “Persons Unknown.”

In case you’ve forgotten the 2010 offering, Boseman played one of seven strangers imprisoned inside a small ghost town. It only lasted 13 episodes.

At the mention of the show, Boseman lets out a huge laugh and then says, “I have no idea what was going on.”

At least I’m not the only one who gets confused.

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