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China Girl proves great, powerful in ‘Oz’

056_BV0110_cdl_v1217.1048It’s always funny how minor characters can become so popular. Ask someone who has seen “Despicable Me” and they will talk more about the Minions than anything else.

In the case of “Oz the Great and Powerful,” the breakout supporting player should have been Finley, the flying monkey voiced by Zack Braff. It’s a cute character. But the supporting player who steals most scenes is the China Girl. She’s the most interesting film character made of porcelain since Chip from “Beauty and the Beast.”

A big reason the character is so memorable is the voice work of 13-year-old actress Joey King. You only get to see Joey for a few moments in the movie — she’s the girl in the wheelchair in the opening sequence — but she’s got a long list of credits where she’s done more than provide a voice.

Joey loved being the voice of the character because while she looks fragile, China Girl is really manipulative and calculating.

“She’s very delicate. Her appearance is that way. But her personality definitely kind of contradicts with her looks. She’s very feisty and sassy and she manipulates Oz and Finley and it’s kind of funny because they totally get like duped by this little doll — a 14-inch little girl who’s made of porcelain,” says Joey.

While she loved being the China Girl, Joey was a little jealous of the powers that Glinda has in the movie.

“I wanted to make bubbles out of nowhere,” says Joey.

Yes, but can Glinda call a service of eight tea cups close friends.

Responses to "China Girl proves great, powerful in ‘Oz’"

Lisa says:

I loved the China Girl and didn’t get the connection between her and the girl in the wheel-chaired in the first scene. Makes it even more interesting.

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