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Swede Fest creators get called out

17d3c3a185f4565ef7062c8442469080It was a big weekend for Roque Rodriguez and Bryan Harley.

Locally, the guys behind Fresno’s Swede Fest were featured as a Hidden Gem in The Bee’s annual People’s Choice Awards. They also attended Wondercon down in  Anaheim, where they got serious props from none other than director Guillermo Del Toro, who specifically mentioned their sweded trailer of “Pacific Rim” during his panel. He also posed for a picture and invited them to the film’s premiere.


Congratulations. It’s great to see these guys getting the attention they deserve.

Responses to "Swede Fest creators get called out"

Cristobal says:

It does kind of look like Roque is gonna cry from happiness in that picture.

Roque says:

You might never see me smile so much again.

Bradley says:

Guillermo Del Toro & Bryan Harley, separated at birth?

Stephen says:

Guillermo DT and Brad “Dudeboy” Rogers.

THAT’S separated at birth.

blake says:

Cool! and well-deserved!

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