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The Beehive Asks: What could make you wait in line for 12 hours?

 Lines, lines, lines. There are a lot of them these days. “Twilight” fans will be lined up for hours to be the first to see “Breaking Dawn Part 2,” later this week. On Monday night, video gamers stood in the cold waiting for the midnight release of the latest “Call of Duty.”

Last week, many of those same people lined up for “Halo 4.” Oh, and there’s this little thing called Black Friday coming up.

Nobody at The Beehive has stood in a crazy-long line recently for hours upon hours. Unless Bethany hides her “Call of Duty” addiction well. But it made us think: What WOULD we wait in line for? What would YOU? A movie you love? A new product you’d trade sleep and a shower for? Or would it have to be something out of the realm of possibility – like Tupac’s comeback concert at Tokyo Garden?

Here are our answers. Chime in with yours. Hint: Be as creative as you have to be.

MIKE: How about one video game system to end all the waiting? One new system that updates itself and doesn’t require new hardware every few years. A system that can just download whatever games you want. A system with controllers that don’t need batteries (I’m looking at you, Nintendo Wii). A system that would allow me to play all my old games — from “Mike Tyson’s Punch Out” on the original NES to “NBA Street” on my PS2. That’s worth waiting in line for, right? Of course, it would probably cost eleventy billion dollars. Eh, I’m going with Tupac at Tokyo Garden.

DONALD: I’m going with a “fantasy” theater event — one that happened in the past that I would have loved to attend. I would wait 12 hours for the chance to see the original cast perform opening night in William Finn’s Off-Broadway musical “A New Brain.” (It opened in 1998 at the Mitzi Newhouse Theatre at Lincoln Center. Fun fact: Kristin Chenoweth was in it!) I love the show’s odd storyline — it’s about a guy who finds out he has a brain tumor — but mostly I adore the music. A close second would be getting the chance to see Finn’s musical “Falsettoland” with original cast.

KATHY: I’m a super geek when it comes to Harry Potter, so if given the chance I would stand in line to spend quality one-on-one time with J.K. Rowling in Scotland. Oh the discussion I can imagine having! And since this is fantasy land, I envision this meeting going on indefinitely and including excursions in London (with a side trip for shopping).

RICK: Assuming I lived in the fantasy world where money wasn’t an object, I would stand in line for days to be able to buy a ticket to take one of the commercial flights into space. I grew up wanting to be an astronaut and even applied for the “Journalist in Space” program. The other option would be the chance to talk with the President about his interest in movies and TV. Does he watch Honey Boo-Boo?

BETHANY: Yeah, you know how I love to pretend I’m a beefy male soldier and shoot things up. But really, the only thing I can imagine waiting that long for is a private backyard concert by Tom Waits. I adore the man and he’s the reason I met my husband.

About six years ago I checked my MySpace page (man, that sounds dated) to find a surprise message from this really hot man I’d never met. He commented on my unusual choices of favorite musicians: Tom Waits and 1930s blues singer Robert Johnson. I wrote back and the rest, as they say, is history. We’ve been married four years.

Neither of us have ever seen Tom Waits perform and I can just imagine a private little concert under the twinkly lights on our back patio. We could slow dance to “Heart of Saturday Night” and then rock out to his harder, post-whiskey-and-cigarettes voice stuff. (Since this is a fantasy, we could resurrect Robert Johnson and have him play too.) And if I could wear the dress Grace Kelly wore in Rear Window, it’d be well worth lining up for 12 hours.

Responses to "The Beehive Asks: What could make you wait in line for 12 hours?"

blake says:

It would have to be a once-in-lifetime thing–like a live performance that I really ‘needed’ to see, and had limited availability, not something I could wait until the crowd died down for, like a movie, or a product bought at a store.
Hmmm.. Led Zeppelin at the Warners?

blake says:

though, if there is still room in Bethany’s backyard for that Waits concert, I’d join that line. And really, Bethany and her husband shouldn’t have to wait in line for a concert at their own house. That’s wrong. Why would Tom do that to them?

Bethany Clough says:

You can come, Blake. And I’ll tell Tom that you said he shouldn’t make us wait around that long for this fantasy to come true.

Stephen says:

12 hours is a very long time.

I like the idea of going back in time, but that can’t happen. Space travel would be cool, but I dunno – long wait for 4 months of training.

Let’s see….Dream Date with HMac is out of the question. I’d wait 3 hours for a Sippy and Ol Guzzler/The OG Beetles show. I did wait 6 hours for the first new Star Wars trilogy. I’d wait 9 hours for a chance to assistant direct with Ron Howard.

I guess I’d wait 12 hours to do any of the above as long as I could wait in line with Jennifer Tilly. We’d play poker and flirt a lot and eventually I’d win a bet so she’d have to make out with me.

There, whew! I did it.

DukeBasil says:

NOTHING……..I buy tickets on line for anything I want.

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