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Audra news: Will she play movie version of Aretha Franklin?


There’s long been talk about Fresno fave Audra McDonald playing Aretha Franklin in the proposed upcoming biopic about the famed singer. In 2012, the Huffington Post reported that Franklin had added McDonald to her wish list of actors contending for the role.

On Wednesday, Audra as Aretha perhaps came closer to a reality with a report in the New York Daily News that McDonald may soon take on the role.

From Broadway World’s Confidenti@l:

Franklin herself tells Confidenti@l, “We are thinking of Audra McDonald, who just won a Tony on Broadway. The question, where Audra is concerned, is whether or not she can get over into soul, not Broadway.” The singer also revealed that Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson is also being considered for the part.

What do you think? One Broadway commenter writes:

Audra can play almost anything but would hate to see her screeching in a fat suit. WRONG.

Part of me agrees, but another part thinks that McDonald is so talented she can pull it off.

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