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Hear this: Royal Canoe

486207_10151378169684422_1960125614_nThere are benefits to being an opening act. Like being able to see bands you respect musically perform night after night. There are intricacies in what they do and if you’re perceptive, you can learn a lot.

“As people who create and perform music, that perspective is interesting,” says Bucky Drieger, the guistarist and singer for the Canadian indie-rock band Royal Canoe. The band has been on the road since early March, playing with  the likes of of Montreal and are coming off a series of shows with Fol Chen.

They play in town on Saturday at Fulton 55 with Sssssssnake, Animal Friend and Sahab.

This is a band on the rise. It recently signed to Roll Call Records and will release its debut LP “Today We’re Believers” this summer. Not before heading out on its first European tour. The band self-released two EPs (“to give people a taste of what we sound like”) but are looking forward to the label support in gathering momentum for the band.

“The ultimate goal is to have your music get in the ears of more people,” Drieger says.

Royal Canoe’s music is an amalgamation of its member’s collective tastes. Its is indie-rock, no doubt, but also incorporates elements of hip-hop and electronic music. Combining those acoustic and electronic elements while remaining a band proper means having a few extra members (they have a drummer and a guy who plays the electronic drum kit for example).

“That’s why we have to have a few more hands on deck,” Drieger says.

Fitting six players into venues with stages that can be cramped, to say the least, is a challenge.

“We like the challenge,” Drieger says. “Creatively and performance wise. That’s just part of what we do.”

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