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Anyone see Kai’s performance last night?

kaistill UPDATE: Looks like The Kai The HomeFree Hitchhiker Facebook Page has been removed following Kai’s performance at Fulton 55 last week.

Here’s hoping Kai can redeem himself this weekend. He has a show Saturday at the Starline, with a pretty solid lineup of bands.

Original post from 3/29:

I was not in attendance for Patrick Contreras’ show last night at Fulton 55, so I didn’t see the special guest performance by Fresno’s favorite hitchhiker. But a post in my Facebook feed this morning painted an interesting picture.

I am not going to name names but I was asked to play a show with a hatchet-weilding, YouTube sensation, hitchhiker. Listen, I’m glad he stepped in and saved a life, but his stupidity left me jaded. From destroying sound check, to yelling obscenities, to singing out of tune, to his non-guitar playing, to his drug-induced, missing-nueron mumblings, I had to walk off stage. I have too much respect for my craft …

… It’s sad to see him squandering his 15-minutes on drunken stupidity instead of trying to inspire real change. Shame on him and shame on all the people who leech off of his mediocrity.

I wondering if this surprises anyone, or if it’s a case of Kai being Kai.

FYI: Kai has been hanging around town for the last couple of days and has some kind of CD release show next weekend.

Responses to "Anyone see Kai’s performance last night?"

Cristobal says:

That’s interesting. Promoter Art Silva is apparently organizing the event. According to one of his comments on the event page, Silva says, and I quote, “He’s pretty good. I jammed with him and heard his OG stuff.”

jennifer says:

lov ART silva and what he tryies to bring to fresno, he cannot control out of control bums lol!!!

Ray Moore says:

Not a fan at all.

FaQue says:

not a fan of true talent? im sorry for you….

Cristobal says:

Oh snap, and now we’ve got an update from Patrick Contreras! From his Facebook page:

“I’d like to personally apologize for anyone that was offended last night at Fulton 55. I’ve met Kai before, I was surprised and a little let down. Thank you for those who came out, many came up to tell me it was the best they’ve ever seen me play and it was a great feeling. I’m lookin forward to bringing great shows in the future. Thanks for your support.”

DLR says:

“inspire real change”? He’s just some bum that got on TV.

Abe Lopez says:

“Shame on him and shame on all the people who leech off of his mediocrity.”

It’s not mediocrity, it’s mental illness. It’s time people realize the guy is not playing with a full deck and quit trying to ride his coat tails to “fame”.

ed_word says:

Your only as good as who you agree to perform with.

Lisaq says:

Than Kai should’ve been as outstanding as the professionals he played with.

Omar Naré says:

My friend Patrick Contreras is a wonderful musician and I enjoyed our set last night. I hope that my Facebook comments in no way reflect on his musicianship or his talent. I also hope Kai finds the help he desperately needs.

cjl says:

While we’re on the subject, when Facebook posts (which aren’t necessarily ‘public’) are shared on the Beehive, are the people notified/asked first? Comments I share with “friends” on Facebook are much different than a blog posting which goes into the Interwebs and is essentially stuck on the internet forever. Check sharing privacy on people who may decide to “share” your materials publicly…

Stephen says:

Alls I can say is, I know Donald and MikeOz and HMac have ALWAYS asked my permission before posting anything I say/write onto the Beehive.

So I think it’s pretty much policy to do so. I think.

pk says:

bzzzzzzt…….times up!! Kai, get some help

Bettina Sorensen says:

Kai suffers from Fetal Alcohol Effect due to his mother’s drinking when she was pregnant. He seems to have inherited a proclivity for alcoholism as well. There is a small percentage of addicts who can never quite get clean. We hope Kai can beat the odds. Recovery is lifelong, exceedingly difficult, and the most rewarding battle some of us continuously fight.

e. field says:

…did you just release someone’s (as well as their parent’s) medical condition? On a media thread that is essentially discussing his over-exposure and behavioral concerns?

…does this person (or their parent (if alive) and loved ones know that you’ve just made these comments about them?,
-has he authorized the release of these concerns/diagnosis/ pt. history?
-even if-
he’s commented on such things publicly, and openly discussed his parents substance abuse concerns, and his own history… would he be considered ‘in the right mind’ to clear you to do so?

-if you’re a medical professional (or counselor) in any way, shape or form, have you just violated patient privacy laws?

either way on any of this… this comment, stated on a newspaper blog, is not only unethical, but possibly illegal.

…it’s amazing what is happening to this poor guy, ‘inherited health concerns’ or not, if it’s known that he’s a troubled person, somebody (anybody?) should have thrown the brakes on this, rather than made him into a spectacle…

Sad for him.
Disgusting re: anyone who may ‘know better,’ and know his situation.
Pathetic for the town.

Priscilla says:

Kai is not a trained performer. He’s just a human being. He displays how he’s feeling and does what he wants. He’s not civilized or proper and because people are ignorant to that they bash him instead of admire his uniqueness. I think he’s great. We all have our moments.

jennifer says:

ummm this is stupid… first off, he did not ASK to be a 5min star. KMPH did that, 2nd did he even ask for a FB page and all this media bullshit?? he was just a “wonderer” in the right spot at the right time helping someone out in a crisis. that one moment in time does not make up for any of his past times and /or mistakes… he is what he is…. he is on the streets for a REASON… by his own means… YOU DONT know him… everyone in fresno BLEW him up… and I guess EVERYONE expected this bum to be a saint?? give me a break..

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