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Facebook post of the day: the Disney edition

In honor of spring break, we can’t resist a Disneyland moment. Matt Sconce, one of the co-founders of the nifty Met Cinemas community membership model in Oakhurst, slipped out of town for a face-squeezing time on Splash Mountain. How’d he get his goatee to go that way?


Via Facebook, Sconce reported this week:

The Met is saved and over 3500 people have been watching movies! We have 2 digital theaters already, one more for Friday, and two last digital theaters coming the following week.

For more information on the Met, here’s the website.

Responses to "Facebook post of the day: the Disney edition"

Bethany Clough says:

Oh, that poor little girl looks terrified!

A. White says:

It’s all part of the experience! Lol!

Matt Sconce says:

Makenzie (the little girl) loved it!! :) her favorite ride after Star Tours. :)

facebook says:


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