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Wild about flowers: Send us your pics


Seven. That’s the number of fellow hikers carrying tripods I bumped into along the glorious Hite Cove Trail just outside Yosemite yesterday. And each time, the other photographer and I would exchange a glance that said, “Oh, man, I am so glad to be here.”

This hike is acclaimed for its wildflowers, and NOW, through mid-April or so, is the time to go. As the trail winds about 100 feet above the south fork of the Merced River, the carpet of poppies is so bright and fiery it’s like wading through an orange lava flow. (The shot above is looking straight up the steep hillside.) There are many other flowers to find and photograph, too. It’s a two-hour drive from Fresno to get there — you go almost to Mariposa and then jog over to Highway 140, just before the El Portal entrance — but it’s so worth it.

Flowers and blossoms are exceedingly well documented this time of year — often by amazing professional photographers. (Including my colleagues at The Bee.) But that shouldn’t stop amateur photographers from delighting in such beauty as well. To me, it’s sort of the same reason I love community theater: There’s something joyful about regular folks participating in an art form, not just remaining passive observers. Sure, you can find a jillion gorgeous wildflower shots online these days, but it’s a lot more fun to go out, find them and make your own memories.

In celebration of spring, I once again am asking local amateur wildflower and scenic photographers to send me a best recent shot so I can share it with people on the Beehive. You can email it to me at Include your name, location of the pic and any comments you’d like to make. In the meantime, I share a few more of my Hite Cove photos on the jump, and you can check out my best 11 here.










Marble Falls Canyon, Sequoia
Shot using an iPhone

photo (3)


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