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Observations of a grumpy old man

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth MacFarlane, Daniel RadcliffeE! News is reporting Seth MacFarlane and his girlfriend actress, Emilia Clarke, have parted ways. I guess she just got around to watching the Oscars telecast.

Lindsay Lohan was in court on Monday. You know what they call that in Los Angeles? A typical Monday.

Disney products Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens star in “Spring Breakers,” a movie full of sex, drugs and nudity. It seems both have enrolled in the Miley Cyrus School for Image Change.

The NCAA basketball tournaments have started. I don’t think I filled out my bracket right. I have Louisville beating Tom Hanks in the finals.

There was an uproar this week when several people — including Glenn Beck — suggested the actor playing Satan in the History Channel series, “The Bible,” looked a lot like President Barack Obama. I though he looked more like Jay Pharoah from “Saturday Night Live.”

Responses to "Observations of a grumpy old man"

pk says:

How hard is it to have ‘tweens now who will want to see their fav ‘Disney’ stars–pushing the envelope–?
I would love to hear what those parents think…..

Sex, drugs and nudity for all but the the privileged Hollywood starlets bring; diseases, babies, jail,
addictions and a record…..
Sad to see this idolized by the very young….

Christy says:

Ha! Nice observations this week :)

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