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Tonight: Documenting Armenian stories

For the past two years, local artist Hazel Antaramian Hofman has been documenting the stories and images of those who endured the historic Great Repatriation of Armenians from the Diaspora to Soviet Armenia after 1945. She’ll be on hand 5-8 p.m. tonight at the Armenian Museum Exhibition Hall (inside the UC Center at 550 E. Shaw Ave.) as part of North Fresno ArtHop for the opening of “Repatriation and Deception: Post World War II Soviet Armenia.” The exhibition, which continues through May, includes writing, studio art, lecture presentations, collected ethnographic photographs and personal interviews. You can learn a lot more about the exhibition at the artist’s website.

Below: American-Armenians Bobby Maynazarian (left), Paul Antaramian (center), Johnny Kadekian (right) sailing from New York to Soviet Armenia on the Rossiya in 1947.  Photo courtesy of Paul Antaramian.  (Copyright 2012)

Armenian American Repatriates 1000


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