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Saoirse Ronan vividly remembers first kiss

Saoirse RonanAlmost everyone remembers their first kiss. It was probably a moment that was so awkward you were happy no one was around to see it — except for person on the other end of the smooch.

Saoirse Ronan wasn’t that lucky.

During an interview to talk with the Irish actress about her upcoming film, “The Host,” she tells me about what its like to play an on-screen romance. If you haven’t read the Stephenie Meyer book that the movie’s based on, the 18-year-old Ronan portrays a teen-age girl whose body’s taken over by an alien. While the pair share the body, each falls for a different guy. It’s far more geometrically complicated than a love triangle.

The film features Ronan’s first real scenes of passion (of the PG variety) but her first kiss came when she was 10 while working on the Amy Heckerling film “I Could Never Be Your Woman.”

“I went to Amy and asked her how long the kiss should be,” Ronan says.

When the director said it should just be a few seconds, Ronan pressed her to be exact. Heckerling said it should be 10 seconds.

“I told her that was too long. Then she said five seconds,” Ronan says.

The actress agreed on the time and each take was the same. Ronan pretends she’s kissing her hand and under her breath she’s counting “One, two, three, four, five.” And then she quickly stops the kiss.

Who says romance isn’t alive and well?

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