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Christina Hendricks won’t share secrets

Mad Men (Season 5)Elevators continue to be the best place in Los Angeles to chat with celebrities.

I recently found myself in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, best known by film buffs as the hotel where “Pretty Woman” was shot. It’s a great hotel but the elevators are unusually small. You can’t get more than four or five people in one of the cars and that makes it easy to spot celebrities.

On this day, I found myself in the elevator with Christina Hendricks, the actress who plays Joan on “Mad Men.”

The new season of “Mad Men” starts April 7, but I knew there was no way she was going to talk about what will happen during the show’s sixth season. The cast has been coached to never offer anything more than their name, the name of their character and that they work on the show.

There was another topic of interest to me that I knew she could discuss. Hendricks was in the film “Struck By Lightning” that was written by Clovis East graduate Chris Colfer.

When I ask about Colfer, Hendricks flashes a smile and said, “He is such a wonderful and talent young man. I really enjoyed working with him.”

She still wouldn’t offer any secret insights into season six of “Mad Men” but did say that it’s been reported season seven will be the last and she’s hoping series creator Matt Weiner will change his mind and do an eighth or ninth season.

Responses to "Christina Hendricks won’t share secrets"

Claudia says:

I love Christina, she is beautiful…and Mad Men, can’t wait for season 7

Migz says:

I love me some Redhead’s!

Debra Goodman says:

I had the opportunity to meet Christina a few years ago after the Emmy Awards. She was lovely and gracious. We didn’t talk about the show except for the fact that I LOVE her character, and that she “Does Redhead well” (She’s a natural blonde, I’m a natural Redhead).

mike b says:

Sounds like a dream to me

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