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Justin BieberPeople Lindsay LohanJustin Bieber told his critics through an Instagram message that if they want to talk about someone with a problem them should look at Lindsay Lohan. Note to Bieber. Using Lohan as a yardstick sets the bar impossibly low.

Marvel is working with Ringling Brothers to create circus acts featuring their costumed super heroes. I can see it now. The blind Daredevil will have a knife throwing act, Spider-Man will be on the trapeze and Dr. Xavier will always correctly guess your weight.

Apolo Anton Ohno will be the new host of GSN’s “Minute To Win It.” <NO1><NO>Every challenge will be harder because they all will be done on ice.

Chelsea Handler’s sidekick, Chuy Bravo, will not compete in the ABC celebrity diving show “Splash” because he hurt his foot jumping off a table. Handler has got to stop making him act as the centerpiece on her table during lunch.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio has been named the new pope. Once again, Father Guido Sarducci was snubbed.

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