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My 6 favorite foods from the Fresno Food Expo

Food expo 037

An exhibitor from Phillips Farms demonstrates mixing finger limes into champagne.

After coming home from the Fresno Food Expo with a full belly Thursday, I’m convinced I have the most fun job on the planet.

Over the past few weeks I’ve written about the event, the yearly showcase of Valley-made foods ranging from grapes to white chocolate milk made specifically for mochas. And while there’s plenty of stories about the importance of exporting local products to the Pacific Rim, the most fun part is tasting all the food. I thought I’d share a few of my favorites from the 2013 show. If you went to the public portion of the show, feel free to share your favorites in the comments section.

Finger limes. The weird little finger-shaped limes from Visalia-area Phillips Farms are just cool. Snap ‘em open and there’s little balls of “citrus caviar” inside. They can be added to ice cream, used atop sushi or swirled into Champagne and cocktails.

For now, they can only be bought online (though they are exported to Europe). Details:



Tioga-Sequoia’s 99 Golden Ale. Yes, I drank beer at the expo (but only a tiny cup, no drunken reporting, I promise). This honey golden ale is the downtown Fresno brewer’s newest regular flavor and it’s delicious. It’s a tribute to all the cities along Highway 99.

They tell me that everybody from the Coors Light fan to the beer geek likes it. By mid April the beer will be available at Save Mart, BevMo! and Whole Foods stores in Fresno.

teleme cheese

Teleme cheese. Boy, this cheese is yummy. It’s a type of Brie made by Peluso Cheese in Los Banos. It’s a delicate, mild Brie and is great in paninis, the company says. It also makes a “classy grilled cheese sandwich,” says chief operating officer Rene Reynoso. You can buy it at Vons.

Food expo 025Tweetie’s Smokin Salsa. This little Shaver Lake-based company is as notable for its yummy salsa as it is for its back story. The salsa is a family recipe that Vicki “Tweetie” Oliver made for bars and restaurants in Shaver Lake. Before she and her husband Jim could sell it commercially, Tweetie died of chronic pancreatitis in 2007 at age 57. Jim is launching the company in her honor and the first commercial batch of salsa rolled off the line late last year.

It’s pretty spicy and doesn’t come in mild. “If you don’t like it the way I made it, don’t eat it,” Tweetie used to say. (But as someone is who is pretty sensitive to heat, I could handle it and even better, I could still taste the flavor behind the heat.)

You can buy it at several stores in Shaver Lake, including Cressman’s General Store. I’m really hoping this one makes it to Fresno soon.

Food expo 005

    YA! The Original Greek Salsa. I almost didn’t include this one because it’s brand new and you can’t buy it anywhere yet. But its maker, Fresno-based Pacific Choice Brands is big enough (seriously, they make 1,500 products under other brand names) that I’m optimistic they’ll get it in stores soon.

YA! is a salsa, but it’s made from three kinds of tomatoes (including sundried), two kinds of olives, peppers and capers. You can really taste the olives, which is my favorite part. It can be used with chips or on bruschetta, even as a sauce for chicken.

cake batter

    Cold House Cake Batter Vodka. This one tied for the industry new product award and rightly so. There’s a few other cake batter vodkas out there, but this one is made in Modesto. I really want to buy a bottle and make a “pineapple upside down cake,” a shot of the vodka in a pineapple juice that makes it taste like its name.

It’s available at Save Mart stores.

Responses to "My 6 favorite foods from the Fresno Food Expo"

Peter Robertson says:

Beth: Agree with two of your selections — the finger limes and the 99 Golden Ale.

Two more to add to the list — the basil-infused olive oil from ENZO; and the bacon filled product from P*DE*Q.


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