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KFSN’s Angelo Stalis sets retirement date

kfsn_bio_angelostalis_160x200KFSN (Channel 30.1) veteran weather forecaster Angelo Stalis, 67, is planning on retiring after 43 years on the air.

Well, he’s sort of retiring.

The official retirement date is May 31 but Stalis plans to be the fill-in for Kevin Musso for at least another year.

It’s going to be hard for Stalis to completely cut his ties with KFSN as he started there in 1970 as an announcer and director. The big move came six years later when he was asked to be a temporarily weather anchor and he’s been manning the weather station ever since.

Stalis is a Fresno High School and Fresno State University graduate.

Responses to "KFSN’s Angelo Stalis sets retirement date"

Evelyn Crouch says:

We will miss Angelo and his wonderful contributions!

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

Awww maaan, I love Angelo, Ive been watching him for the last 20 yrs. Great TV personality and he seems to really enjoy what he’s been doing for over 40yrs. Goodluck to him and his future endeavours. Uuuugh, now I will be forced to listen to Kevin Musso and his every other word being “On shore Off shore Flow”!! Gosh dammitt he’s irritating!!

Michael Rodriguez says:

Loved watching Angelo over the years. Will miss him.

Now KFSN needs to catch up on the times. Now is time to hire a female weather girl like they have in L.A. We’re always years behind the big cities. Let’s hire someone like Vera Jiminez at KTLA Channel 5 in LA. That will keep me watching the weather. You-Tube her name and you’ll appreciate the weather more than before.

Rocky says:

I do not think a weather reporter or meteorologist would leave LA for the same position in a smaller market like Fresno



Mario says:

KFSN already has had a female weather anchor. Her name was Ashley Tate. She has since left the station.

Mary Ann Chamberlain says:

We will miss Angelo also. Best wishes for a long and happy retirement. Now you can check out the weather in different places. Have enjoyed watching you all these years and
Channel 30 will not be the same. congrats!!!

Dave says:

Good riddance to the emotional, little school girl. He can take his weather makers (as though there is seldom weather on most days) and Musso with him. The information they provide varies from 5PM to 6:30 PM. They leave info out for highs and lows for the rest of the area even though they BS for 2-3 minutes, so it isn’t a time element. The worst in Fresno stations.

Sandra Jordan says:

OMG, Dave – what did you have for breakfast? Angelo is my favorite weatherman ever. He makes you feel like family because he is such a warm person (unlike you.) He is very talented as a meteorologist. I’ve seen no one else make as seamless a presentation as he does; talking effortlessly of numbers and places and conditions, changing positions while pointing out different areas on the map (have you ever wondered just how he does that without looking directly at the map?) He keeps his mental focus too while simultaneously operating his hand-held control and moving about, melding it all together; allowing us the pleasure of watching and listening without distraction. He’s smooth!

We don’t need a “lady,” for lady’s sake alone, to present the weather. We will miss Angelo, he’s a hard act to follow.

Marc Edwards says:

Angelo is the heart and sole of Channel 30. A real gentleman, kind-hearted, thoughtful, and caring. The Valley will miss him. Ange deserves a real first-class send-off. He is a big part of the reason that station exudes leadership. Wish him good health and happiness. ME

Rex Jenson says:

Angelo does the weather? I remembers a pretty good guard for the Washington Junior High basketball team. Quiet and business-like. Hmmm? Kind of like how he does the weather when I’ve been in Fresno to see him at work.

John Waddell says:

I have wtched Anelo for years. Another disabled friend told me she knew him, annd said, ” He is as nice as he is on the air. Being disabled all my life you finnd a comfort zone in your daily routine–a feeling of being at home. Kevin is good but Angelo has been around for years. This may sound corny, but when you are disabled you are used to a routine; so I’ll miss him not being on all the time, but I guess will see him some the next year filling in for Kevin.
After 43 years though he does deserve to be off camera and enjoy other things in his life.

Lori says:

Angelo, my family watched you before I was born and continue up till this day. Growing up I always thought of you as an Uncle because you were in our house everyday. You will truly be missed. Good luck in all your future endeavors.

God Bless you and you and your family Angelo. Its been a pleasure.

Sincerely, Lori and family

John Lindsey Madera ca says:

Omg, I cannot imagine Angelo not being on channel 30. He is the man, he is a super human, and will miss him soo much. Kevin will do a fine job as he also a great person with great skills. I will lig a fine cigar Friday and sit at my tv with a fine beverage throwing my hand to the sky for this fine mans last day at the helm of the best weather on any channel. Luv you man!

Mike M says:

I’m 41 and been watching Angelo for as long back as I can remember. Sorry to hear that he is retiring. He will be missed.

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