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A smile for your Monday: Cute pet adoption pics from ACT

It’s the first Monday of daylight savings time, and if you’re anything like me, you’re a wee bit grumpy right now. So I thought I’d share something that always makes me smile: pictures of happy people and happy pets getting a new home.


This first one is Fresno Police chief Jerry Dyer adopting a little fluff ball named Stitch. The photos come from the Animal Compassion Team of Fresno’s weekend adoption events. Every time someone adopts an animal, volunteers take a picture of the pet with its new family and post it on ACT’s Facebook page. The smiling faces always warm my heart and knowing that the animal is saved from the gas chamber makes it even better.

Keep scrolling for a sampling of photos. Follow ACT on Facebook to see new photos every weekend. Adoption information available here.








Responses to "A smile for your Monday: Cute pet adoption pics from ACT"

Joe says:

I would like to encourage The Fresno Bee to present additional stories like this one. There is much more things to Fresno than game activity or killing. The Fresno Bee badly needs to report both sides of Fresno.

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