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You review: Tioga Sequoia’s second anniversary party!


Photo borrowed with thinks from Tioga Sequoia

Beer drinkers of the world, unite and take over.

From the turnout at Tioga Sequoia‘s second anniversary party (and the first for the Ozmosis radio show), it looks as if Fresno may be quickly embracing the craft/micro-brew scene. The crowd at the brewery’s downtown headquarters (just south of the Chukchansi Park) was large and diverse and for the most part not stumbling drunk, which was a welcome surprise given that this was a beer event and what I’d heard about similar events in the past.

The set up was nice in terms of finding what you needed (food, drink tickets/drinks, bathrooms) and the staging area (where the bands played) was visible from all angles. The bands themselves were loud, but not overwhelmingly so. You could still carry on a conversation. That may seem like a small detail in terms of the overall event, but it was appreciated.

Now comes the invariable question, because this was an event and it was downtown and people will talk: What does this mean in terms of ongoing revitalization?

Word is the brewery was using this as a test to see if there was interest enough to support a year-round tap house. So that may happen. It’s also further proof (if we needed it) that given the right motivation (free music/beer/yummy food) people aren’t afraid to spend time downtown, parking and dirtiness and whatever else be damned.

So, what do you think? Was the event a success for you? Did you like the bands? The beer (the special brews including something called the Hitchhiker’s Hatchet, were sold-out by the time I showed up)? How was the parking situation?

Responses to "You review: Tioga Sequoia’s second anniversary party!"

Mike Oz says:

Just wanted to thank everyone who came out. I thought it was a great success (I’m biased, of course) and I hope it’s the start of many more events in that space.

Appreciate the coverage, Josh.

The Real Dave says:

probably wouldve got a bigger turnout if this was advertised or was it? and I just missed it………….. or was it a private event?

Mike Oz says:

For what it’s worth: We had 1,100 people there, not counting people under 21.

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

Wooow, Mike good to hear from ya pimp. Ugh, I’m still kicking myself in the head for not heading out there…honestly. I thought to myself…”do I really wana drive all the way from Willow and Copper to attend this event dwntwn and there only be 200 people there”? Wow why did I think that, awful. But 1100 people? Wows thats a great turnout! Sheesh Jeffrey…sheesh….. Say Josh welcome about the Beehive, may I recommend you put up some sort of 7 day weekly what’s the haps with the fliers like Mike did? Post no bills was the Scripture for me bro..

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

Oh but back to your question Josh…I’m a proponent of Dwntwn Revite believe me, there’s several eateries that I frequent dwntwn, I work on Fresno n Friant, but go dwntwn at least once a week. But anyways, eventhough it was a great turnout, I’m not sure if people will support a dwntwn taphouse. I mean Fresnans are funny when it comes to dwntwn. Fresnans have a “wait and see” attitude. They want someone else to make the first move, non progressive state of mind. Plus with the restaurant bizz so cut throat it will be hard to sell. Hell, Heros on Van Ness I thought was a beautiful venue, you put that in Riverpark and it will rival Yardhouse and Sports CAfe of old. But since it’s dwntwn…it never had a chance. Just my opinion.

Travis Sheridan says:

As an ex-pat, I watched the event unfold via social media. The buzz was great and the crowds looked amazing. Here is how I know the event was awesome, it made me miss Fresno. Sure, I love living in St. Louis now, but events like this one are what makes Fresno awesome. It is what makes me sing the praises of my hometown. Well done, Fresno!

Akira Productions (@AkiraPros) says:

There was a Hatchet Hitchhiker Ale? Is there a picture of that? I am in contact with Kai and co-admin on the facebook like page with him with over 10,000 likes I want to post it on

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