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Fresno CDs: I hit the motherlode

396380_364785976879791_2136266205_nWeek two on the job and I am still unearthing bunches of cool stuff left to me by my predecessor. For instance, a mother load of local CDs. Most of them are years old now and stuff that I really should already have in my possession.

A quick list:


Responses to "Fresno CDs: I hit the motherlode"

Stephen says:

Whew. Okay. I’ve actually heard of FOUR of these bands.

Dale Stewart says:

That’s interesting. Did you by any chance find a Dustups CD in there?

Josh Tehee says:

Dale: I did not. But I need to get my hands on one of those. Also, the old Backstory CD. I loved that thing and lost in somewhere in all my moving around.

Tweed says:

I remember the BKF “bongtool” – the record included a paper clip taped to the inside of the jacket….

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