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Fresno CDs: I hit the motherlode

396380_364785976879791_2136266205_nWeek two on the job and I am still unearthing bunches of cool stuff left to me by my predecessor. For instance, a mother load of local CDs. Most of them are years old now and stuff that I really should already have in my possession.

A quick list:


Responses to "Fresno CDs: I hit the motherlode"

Stephen says:

Whew. Okay. I’ve actually heard of FOUR of these bands.

Dale Stewart says:

That’s interesting. Did you by any chance find a Dustups CD in there?

Josh Tehee says:

Dale: I did not. But I need to get my hands on one of those. Also, the old Backstory CD. I loved that thing and lost in somewhere in all my moving around.

Tweed says:

I remember the BKF “bongtool” – the record included a paper clip taped to the inside of the jacket….

Alyssa H says:

I saw Circles and Circles years back and loved them. I took my CD of theirs with me to college and it got stollen! I’ve been trying to track one down since. Good stuff and of course Brother Luke is phenomenal as well but their stuff is much easier to attain!

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