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Tonight: Nick Potter at ArtHop


In the midst of one of the busiest performing arts weeks of the year, don’t forget about ArtHop. I offer my picks in today’s Life section. Top of the list is a chance to see work by the immensely talented Nick Potter of Fresno State. He rarely shows in this area. His “Dystopian Romance” opens at Corridor 2122. Check out the Fresno Arts Council’s ArtHop lineup here.

And, of course, there’s a whole lot of Rogue to keep you busy.

Responses to "Tonight: Nick Potter at ArtHop"

Fiona says:

Also of interest, The Rogue poster and Muse artist, Brad Polzin has a reception tonight and a show this month at Studio 74.

marty says:

I’ve been Roguing and ArtHopping to the fullest, I must say. I loved Nick Potter’s show – we arrived at a good time because a horde of his students (presumably) filled the gallery quickly. We also visited Bill Bruce and his “50 Shades of Yellow” exhibit, where I saw a piece I really wanted to buy (when I hit the Mega), and enjoyed the fun and warmth of the yellowness. Went to Fig Tree, went to K-Jewel – always love Marcos Dorado’s work – his portraits are so soft and warm with his light charcoal touch. And Stephanie Pearl’s work as well. Oh yeah, we also went to Arte Americas, and I really enjoyed the Waste show and Ignite! Such amazing creativity – with a message.

I also caught a Rogue show at Veni Vidi Vici’s. Howard Petrick’s “Never Own Anything You Have to Paint or Feed,” a clever title disguising a boring show. Glad it was only $5.

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