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KMJ issues statement on talk show host’s arrest

ReunionBakersfield TV station KGET is reporting KMJ (AM 580) talk show host Inga Barks, whose show originates from Bakersfield, was arrested a week ago on charges of public intoxication and delaying or obstructing a peace officer.

KMJ is owned by Peak Broadcasting. Patty Hixson, Peak Broadcasting’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, issued this statement:

“We have been made aware of an incident involving talk show host, Inga Barks, who was arrested last week by the Bakersfield Police Department on misdemeanor charges. As a result, Inga has been placed on paid leave pending the outcome of a BPD criminal investigation and our own internal inquiry as to the facts in this case. Since this is a personnel matter, there will be no further statements until both are completed.”

Barks has the 6-9 p.m. weekday slot on KMJ.

Responses to "KMJ issues statement on talk show host’s arrest"

Stephen says:

While I am NO Inga Barks fan, I am curious why radio stations expect morality clauses for their hosts.

Even if convicted of a DUI or other crime, how would that reduce her on-air talents?

She doesn’t physically interact with the public, so there’s no safety issues (if she were accused of assault or some sex crime), and while she does sortof ‘represent’ KMJ, she can discuss her issues on air – and I think we audience folks are smart enough to remove what she does personally from the KMJ ‘brand.’

We vilifiy Rush Limbaugh for his addiction to pills (which I’m against, since addiction is a disease), but he’s still allowed to be on the air.

Paid leave during an ‘internal investigation?’ Just doesn’t make sense to me, no matter who the host is.

Rob Richter says:

this couldent have happened to a more deserving person ,,Inga acts as if she is high and mighty all the whuile dishing fox news talking points and ignoring the facts,,,i hope she gets the boot for good …

pk says:

Um….some ‘high and mighty’ remarks there…. Mr. Pot

John Gist says:

I will forever wonder at the inconsistencies and hypocrisies of people on the Left. You want criminals to get job preferences fresh out of prison because they are a “protected class”, forgive the likes of President Bill Clinton, even admiring the same for his slickness, lack embarrassment at the behavior of Congressman Jefferson(D-LA) for keeping unearned campaign money in the freezer and using emergency boat responders to save same money during Hurricane Katrina instead of saving lives. You admire tax-dodgers like Timothy Geithner, even as they help line the pockets of President Obama’s favorite banks like Bank of America and Citibank, rewarding them for foreclosing on poor people’s homes. Then you jump all over a smart, classy lady like Inga Barks just because she isn’t the kind of woman you could even hold an argument with. Oh, that’s right. I am just spouting Fox News talking points, right? You are so lame – come up with some facts, not your own Leftist hypocisy. In other words, try to act like an adult, and wait for the other side of the story. Where is your tolerance?

theodora says:

What a little man you are. You have no facts, yet you judge.

Joan says:

Whether you like or dislike Inga Barks or her show, shame to you all with your rush to judgement w/o knowing all facts or causes.

Kevin Sandlin says:

No one should be cast judgement on another. IF…this is all true and she handles it correctly and takes responsibility then leave her alone and let her work.

Kevin Sandlin says:

By the way in addition to my earlier comment.. I am no Inga Barks!

Ray Arthur says:

There but for the grace… Inga has stated on her Facebook page, “I was very sick and had a medical incident.” The results from tests by the Bakersfield P D should be forthcoming shortly. Her FB friends are wishing her prayers, love, strength, thoughts, etc. I’d hope that they would all show the same concern and humanity for, say, Chris Matthews if he was arrested on the same charges, caused to a medical incident!

Bill Beckham says:

I am sorry to hear of Inga’s misfortunes. We are all human and subject to mistakes and errors. I hope she will be able to put this behind her. I look forward to hearing her side of the issue.

Jennifer Baily says:

Okay, lets use some common sense here. If she was “very sick” why was she at the movies? She has had on-air lucidity issues in the past and blamed Benadryl. Are we stupid? Benadryl does not affect reasoning, rather it dries up snot. Come on! I read that she was passed out and then became disorderly when asked for ID. Why not just show your ID say your sick and ask for a ride home? I can’t wait to hear how she explains this one.

Susan Damsen says:

Benadryl does not ” dry up snot.” It stops itching and sneezing and makes most people very drowsy. Sudafed ” dries up snot” and most people don’t get drowsy from it.

Terry Foster says:

Well, neither Benadryl nor Sudafed begin to explain her on-air meltdowns.That was not drowsiness, it was a frightening lack of lucidity that makes Kim Richard on the Real Housewives looks sane and sober.

Clay Phillips says:

I wish only the best for Inga,she made a mistake,you without mistakes cast the first stone.

Amanda Hewitt says:

What kind of medical incident causes you to curse out the cops?

David says:

Of all of the KMJ talkers Inga is my least favorite but what is KMJ doing? There was an incident of a TV weather reporter being booked on a DUI charge a couple of years ago and he kept his job with, as far as I know, no additional disipline by his employer. Could KMJ be making poor decisions in light of their market share taking such a radical decline after the loss of the conservative big boys? I’ll always listen to the station because of talent like Chris Daniels but wonder who gave their station manager the power drop an employee based on what they did while being “off the clock”? If they keep doing things like this they’ll turn into an AM music station for old right wingers living in assisted care housing or retirement homes.

C.J. says:

First of all, I like listening to Inga and I like what she has to say. If you don’t like her than turn your radio OFF. Otherwise none of this is anyones business but hers. We alone are responsible for the consequences of our actions and keep our noses and comments to ourselves.

John Gist says:

Note to KMJ – Don’t turn your back on one of your best remaining talents. Inga has been a refreshing voice on the airwaves for my wife and me.

Inga can hold her own and will win over her loyal audience. On the other hand, KMJ stands to lose listeners like me who have spent lots of money at the various sponsors promoting themselves on your airwaves.

John and Jenn are doing pretty well, but they are not of the caliber of inga. Ray is consistent and Chris Daniels is fun. I listen for the local flavor, but my loyalty to Inga runs deep. Her inside knowledge and insights into of State and National politics would be sorely missed. Roger Hedgecock cannot fill that void. Even Radio Tradio isn’t irreplaceable.

Hometown Heroes is irreplaceable, however. Though I like to leave my dial in one place, and have for many years, this is a deal-breaker: if Inga goes – I go. I will only tune in to Paul Loeffler if you give up on Inga. Who is with me on this?

Stephen says:

You might be changing the dial soon, then – Paul Loeffler’s FSU sportscasts will be gone from KMJ soon as well. ESPN bought out the Bulldog’s broadcasts.

Carol Roberts says:

I do not like the fact that KMJ is either “letting go” or “dismissing” their current talent. It is because of these people that I finally started listening to talk radio and hearing the truth about our country’s state of affairs (after Obama was elected I had to turn to someone as all anyone else had to say was “baaaa”), discouraging as it may be I needed to hear the truth then only place I could find it. Because of the4 talent on this station I told others, including my hippie daughter who is now a Dave Ramsey follower! Inga was never my favorite but she has stuff we need to hear, whether we like it or not, and the station needs her more than they think. If this trend continues I will again tell all my friends, but it won’t be to listen to KMJ…I can podcast Dave Ramsey than k you very much!

Jean Rosecrans says:

My girl Inga has a right to be human. She has been through so much with with her husband leaving her after so many years of his medical problems. She is left alone with her children whom she loves more than life . If she went back to her home town, which she loves, and was found to be , so they say intoxicated,then there is an explanation.She is an wonderful and beautiful human being. Please please give this girl a chance!!!

Bryan Perry says:

Sometimes people are not what they want to portray themselves to be. Inga has a radio show that allows her to develop a persona that she sells to the public. Sadly her personal life is much different than she preaches on-air. Each one of the subjects you brought up Jean is much much different in reality than how she would love to portray to radio listeners. This person is a train wreck.

Thomas Broxtermann says:

this woman is one of the best radio personalities I’ve heard in a long time I travel up and down the state of California and whenever and passing through the Fresno area I make it a point to turn her on the radio because of her inside whatever happened to her when she was either LA or whatever it is is your own business you should keep personalities I’m from San Diego I wish we had somebody who had this kind of town San Diego

Lonny Johanson says:

KMJ is milking the return of Inga Barks in promos, so there’s obviously some element of publicity stunt at play here. They need ratings and the drama ensures listeners on Monday night. Now, i don’t think anyone should be fired for off-time activities either but her problems have affected her work quite dramatically in the past. I recall listening to show where she rambled incoherently about high speed rail until the station yanked her off the air. I’m a very sporadic listener so doubt this was the only episode. Sex scandals. Booze. Pills. Illness. I don’t care for her show personally but she sure does bring the drama.

Bryan Perry says:

Rush to Judgement? There but the grace of god go I? Here is a person that loves to create controversy and would throw anyone of you under the bus if she could get a little extra airtime and capitalize on YOU. I feel no pity for this sponge. I have been personally attacked on Ingas show, so I feel no hesitation in reveling in her misfortunes which she has been creating for herself. She needs to stick with her Pound Puppy Show and leave news reporting to grownups. Why Bakersfield and Fresno news agencies want to undermine their reputations by touting this wretch as someone i n the community we need to listen to is beyond me.

Julie Levinson says:

So, she didn’t explain anything. Is she blaming menopause? Lawyers. Seriously?

Jennifer Bailey says:

Sorry guys but this makes no sense. Seriously, a legal team? She’s a very well known personality in Bakersfield and if her arrest was a mistake they would simply drop the charges wouldn’t they?. She explained nothing. Look, 500 calories a day could cause anyone to pass out and is a horrible idea. That weight will be back so fast. But more importantly, this is not her first go-round with bizarre mental issues. That’s not a medical problem, it’s clearly some kind of drug problem. Meds? Why is she on meds? She’s a public person and has spent 20 years spilling her personal life all over the Central Valley for pity and praise so now I want and deserve details.

Katherine says:

Wow, I hope Sheriff Youngblood revokes her CCW permit. If she had such a complete loss of her faculties and has no memory of being belligerent with the cops then she has absolutely no business being anywhere near a firearm.

Lonny Thompson says:

Aside from the history of mental meltdowns, she also has a history of getting employers to pay her not to come to work. very strange. This happened in Bako in the ’90′s. Her show was canceled but they kept her on the payroll for months and months with a 2 minute long segment in the mornings. Sweet deal. But why?

Sivaram Pragash says:

With regard to one of the comments on Inga Barks suggesting that she has one persona onair and another off air, I think that’s the same with most TV and radio personalities. Rush Limbaugh certainly wouldn’t say at the dinner table “rush Limbaugh, serving humanity just by showing up!”

Zat0ichi says:

When is INGA coming BACK? She’s the only reason I listen to this station.

Jon S. Oskovich says:

Inga’s evident indiscretion might be a sign that she’s having difficulty coping with family problems she can’t share with her husband. I believe she should be given some love and hugs and restored to her evening program.. If not, then I’m writing off KMJ as a shallow enterprise that stands aloof of the human element.

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