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Announced: Dinosaur Jr.@Fulton 55

55-atlgFile this under awesome. Underground indie-rock Gods (I think that’s not too hyperbolic) Dinosaur Jr. will be in town April 13 at Fulton 55. The group was a major player in late ’80′s alternative rock scene, before disbanding in 1997 (they reunited in 2005).

I caught them at Lollapalooza when I was too young to know (or care). Too busy loving Soundgarden probably. My mom has a T-shirt she still wears.

No word on local support, but there are more than a few bands that would make great openers. At any rate, this kind of show is a coup for Fresno and should be packed. Looks like tickets are on sale now.

Responses to "Announced: Dinosaur Jr.@Fulton 55"

Rudy says:

Never heard of them, but could be interesting…do they have any popular songs that the average person would know? What other bands would you compare their sound to?

DLR says:

better bring earplugs. J Mascis plays extremely loudly and goodly

Mike B says:

Wow! This is a really good score for Fulton 55.

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