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You review: Carrie Underwood

Carrie 1nQwjS.St.8Underwood is a dazzler. She sells-out shows and wins Grammys and does it all while looking stunning. Seriously, that hair … In Fresno, she’s a staple. She’s played (and sold out) both the Saroyan Theatre and the Save Mart Center and was back last night with her Blown Away tour.

So, were you blown away? Did the elaborate light show and staging do it for you? How about her song choices? And what about the opener, the young up-and-comer Hunter Hayes? We’d love to hear your take.

Make sure to check out the photo gallery from Bee photographer Mark Crosse (that giant rose looks awesome).

Responses to "You review: Carrie Underwood"

Kelly says:

Carrie did a fabulous job last night. Her voice is incredible and she is so beautiful. Hunter was also entertaining and has a great future ahead. The set was great with the backdrop screen changing and the two video screens showing close ups. The floating set over the audience was the most amazing thing. I did have a few complaints. The sound was off somehow. When they hit the notes it sounded like loud screaming. When Martina McBride hit the notes it was clear. i dont know if it was the sound or what. At some points couldnt understand lyrics. I liked the center stage set up at George Strait better than the end. But with the screen backdrop it probably wouldnt work. Overall it was great but the sound and singing was better at George Strait.

Debbie says:

I agree with Kelly on the sound and singing. I think the music overpowered Carrie’s singing. The sound guys need to do something about that. We come to HEAR CARRIE!

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