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Responses to "Facebook post of the day #1: a Kids Day salute"

The Real Dave says:

based on some comments Ive seen this kids day deal is becoming a bit dangerous in regards to traffic, the volunteers shouldve been trained how to interact with moving and non moving cars…………….

pk says:

I don’t know where I fall on this one, I like the charming, throw-back to hawking newspapers, but then see the risky behaviors taken by the sellers, and then cringe.

Are there contests for most sold, and such? Is that what make some so daring?

If there are incentives, then maybe that should stop, or is it just the general incentive to beat last years’ totals that is the driving force in the sellers minds.

Anyway, don’t like seeing people and cars competing for roadway, and sales….a dangerous situation.

mike b says:

I think that the organizers should remove all volunteers from the Freeway exit ramps. I saw rwo volunteers half way up the Northbound Friant exit yesterday morning and thought they could have been easily caused an accident or be seriously hurt themselves. Then upon reaching dowtown on my commute, I again saw volunteers at the bottom of a freeway exit. I really hope somebody does something about this next year, it is a ticking time bomb.

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