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New places to shop: HomeGoods, Ulta, Petco open in Clovis

photo(54)Clovis residents, you don’t have to drive to River Park anymore to go to stores like HomeGoods and Ulta. The first wave of retailers has opened at the Clovis Crossing Regional Shopping Center at Herndon and Clovis avenues.

HomeGoods opened last weekend and was slammed Sunday. Even Monday afternoon when I stopped by (don’t you love that checking out HomeGoods is part of my job?) the place was pretty busy with people checking out the décor, bedding and furniture.

Ulta Beauty is open, even though its publicized opening date isn’t until Friday. Someone was already getting a hair cut in the salon in the back of the store. And Petco is open too.

The rest of the stores will open in coming weeks, including Maurices, a women’s clothing store owned by the same company as DressBarn. It’s the first Maurices in the Fresno/Clovis market, though there’s several of them in Tulare County. Also soon to open are the Walmart Supercenter, the Habit Burger Grill, DressBarn, Famous Footwear, Anna’s Linens, Sleep Train, the Vitamin Shoppe, Great Clips, Old Navy, Yum Yum Yogurt, T-Mobile and a Subway.

HomeGoods, Ulta and Petco are nearly identical to other chains’ locations, so I won’t bore you with details about them that you already know. How about some pictures instead?

All the stores having special parking for “clean air vehicles” in front of the stores.


A giant chair for sale at HomeGoods, $1,599. Most of the store’s furniture is smaller and costs less than this.




Maurices boasts it carries sizes 1 through 24. It will open March. 20.




Petco has a small adoption area, with four cats available. This is pretty girl is Layla.


Responses to "New places to shop: HomeGoods, Ulta, Petco open in Clovis"

Rudy says:

Isn’t there enough empty big box retail space in Clovis for this new huge development to be built? I’m sure the developers have much more research figures than I do, but seems to me like this market is over-saturated with the same kinds of retailers, over and over again…the only place I would go here is The Habit Burger, and MAYBE Old Navy. Chalk up another victory for urban sprawl…

Carla Arnaldos says:

Muchas gracias, me ha servido para un trabajo que tengo que entregar en el colegio. Besos!

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