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A ‘West Side Story’ boo-boo


I’m happy to announce to “West Side Story” enthusiasts that the national touring production of “West Side Story” opening Tuesday night at the Saroyan Theatre is not playing fast and loose with the storyline. A photo caption in today’s Bee accompanying my advance interview with cast member Michelle Alves incorrectly stated that Anita, played by Alves, and Tony, played by Andres Acosta, are lovers in the show. Acosta actually plays Bernardo in the show. So, to recap: It’s Anita in love with Bernardo. And Maria in love with Tony. The world can now spin again.

To say that some “WSS” fans were a little upset is putting it mildly. At least two of my colleagues and I were taking prickly phone calls and answering annoyed emails this morning chastising us for the the mix-up. Others were more good-natured. My favorite came on my phone mail. I believe it’s the first time I’ve ever received a telephone message in song. “Anita,” the caller sings, “I just read about a girl named Anita / and suddenly I could see / how wrong a newspaper can be …”


Responses to "A ‘West Side Story’ boo-boo"

Karan Johnson says:

>>So, to recap: It’s Anita in love with Bernardo. And Maria in love with Bernardo. The world can now spin again.<<
Thanks for the clarification. And to think all this time I thought Maria was in love with Tony.

Donald Munro says:

Yes, Karan, I actually made a mistake in my correction! (For my post I had first tried out doing a silly mixed-up “West Side Story” plot with a whole lot of weird matchings — Maria with Bernardo, Action with Officer Krupke, then decided to chuck the whole thing — but didn’t delete carefully enough.) My bad. Thanks for pointing it out.

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