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It won’t take long for you to wrap your head around and connect with ‘Bachelor  No. 378,’ the lead character performing in LOON.

Even though there are no spoken words, No. 378  – also known as Francis — communicates with gesture, posture, pause and comically timed movement. It’s a live action caricature that will pull at your sympathy and kick your funny bone.

Lighting, soundtrack and portions of radio broadcasts help establish mood and environment. These elements combined with the physical comedy are cleverly combined. I smiled and laughed throughout the entire performance skillfully acted out by Kate Braidwood of Wonderheads (Andrew Phoenix performs behind the scenes).

Loon is truly a love story that is appropriate for all ages. Be sure to arrive early. As word gets out this show is a likely to be sold out and seating is first come, first serve. Cost is 10 Rogue Bucks which is a bargain for this Wonder of a performance. Keep that in your big head.

Show info: 2:30 p.m and 8:30 p.m Today, 7 p.m. March 6, 8:30p.m. March 9, Dianna’s Studio of Dance: PG. [Details]

Responses to "ROGUE REVIEW: ‘Loon’"

Stephen says:

While I admire your doodles, and I appreciate the Bee’s wall-to-wall coverage of all things Rogue, I am not happy the “Loon” review fell into your hands.

Loon is a brilliant compilation of rehearsed writing and direction blended with all stage elements necessary to allow Braidwood to work literal magic upon her home-made masked character.

Even the simplest of written reviews would have said “I wonder how they made that solid mask change expressions.”

Some shows deserve a professional writer. Your review of “Rock and Soul Show” was perfect, and assigned to the correct person – cover songs with changed lyrics require no mirrored artistic review ability.

“Loon” not only requires it, but it deserves it. One of the best and most professional shows to ever visit the Rogue.

Marty says:

Thanks for the review, Steve. I’ve seen Francis, who I now know as Bachelor No. 378, around the Tower since Thursday, and it’s interesting how I feel like I am communicating with him, even behind the mask. Can’t wait to see “Loon.”

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