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All Things Kristin Chenoweth: The big, sprawling, day-of-concert post

It’ll be a glittering night this evening at the Saroyan Theatre as Broadway/TV star Kristin Chenoweth performs with the Fresno Grand Opera Orchestra. I’m kicking off this post with a doozy of a letter from a Bee subscriber unhappy about my Sunday Spotlight coverage:

On the jump, you can see the shocking photo/layout in question.

 And in case you want to see the original photo:

I’m just at a loss. Basically what we did was show a little thigh. The only thing I can think is that the type over the leg changes the perspective of the photo, and that’s what upset the reader? Insert perplexed-bemused look here.


I ended my column with a series of reader questions I garnered from Facebook. Among them: Would Chenoweth consider dropping in on the Artists’ Repertory Theatre production of “The Rocky Horror Show” at the Severance Theatre? From my column:

Would she consider coming to the show and perhaps even join the cast onstage at the end?

She lets out a lengthy, delighted laugh, and says, “I love that show! Tell them if there’s any way it could fit into my schedule, I would love to come over and do ‘The Time Warp with them.’ “

“Rocky” cast members certainly took that little kicker to heart. Here are some of the tweets they sent:



What to do if you’re a major Kristin Chenoweth fan but are appearing in a local show the night she performs in Fresno?

You drive to Sacramento mid-week to see an earlier concert in the tour.

That’s what Marc Gonzales — the uber-theater fan I introduced you to a few weeks ago on the Beehive — did on Wednesday. Here’s the photographic evidence:

 Marc, who performs as a Phantom in the very fabulous “Rocky,” writes:

Not only did she take a photo with me, but she graciously chatted with me and signed my three album covers. First, she signed the revival recording to You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown (that is her and Roger Bart’s autograph, the two performers who won Tonys for that show), next is her most recent solo album, “Some Lessons Learned”, and finally is the album cover to Wicked (that is her along with Idina Menzel’s autograph; making a double witch signed album cover!)

And how about that invite for Chenoweth to do “The Time Warp”? I asked Marc about that:

I had the cast sign a copy of our program and I gave that to her along with a Rocky postcard and Daniel’s (the director) number. She said was definitely going to try and it would be exciting to come. So we shall see!

If that happens, take lots of photos. I’d love to post them.

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marcel says:

That picture is Chenowethly shocking! ;)

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