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Rogue performers: Pitch your shows

It’s a time-honored tradition when you’re attending theĀ Rogue Festival to run into performers on the street trying to convince you to come see their next shows. In that spirit, we headed out to the Rogue’s big preview night Thursday at the Tower Theatre and asked some performers to give their best pitch via iPhone. (Note to self: Try to find an actual light source next time to illuminate said videos rather than relying on the atmospheric but non-bright fixture on the Tower Theatre’s second floor lounge that makes people look as if they’re from Planet Sunburn.)

Here’s Kristin Lyn Crase talking about her show “Vacations With Dad”:

Tony Imperatrice talks about “The All American Alcoholic”:

Xan Scott and partner talk about “Apocalypse Clown!”:

Kurt Fitzpatrick talks about “Cathedral City”:

If you’re a Rogue performer, feel free to make your pitch in the comment section. There are so many fascinating shows to consider and such little time — help us make a decision!


Responses to "Rogue performers: Pitch your shows"

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