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Get a taste of the Fresno Food Expo with the People’s Choice Awards


Photo: Fresno Bee photographer Craig Kohlruss

The Fresno Food Expo is coming up March 14, but you can get in the yummy action now through the People’s Choice Awards.

The awards are new this year and let the public vote on its favorite new product. You can vote via the website (click “like” or the vote by email option) or via the Fresno Food Expo’s Facebook page. Most of these are new products, so you can also vote after you taste them at the public portion of the Food Expo (some aren’t for sale anywhere yet).

To get more info about the Food Expo itself and ticket information, check out its website. (Sidenote: I love the punchy slogan on the site: “Welcome to the undisputed food capital of the world!”) Anyway, I was lucky enough to attend a private event Thursday night that showcased the new products you’ll see at the expo. There’s 55 entries from 32 companies. I can’t include them all, but here’s a few I bet will be among the front runners.

  • I was delighted by the finger limes from Phillips Farms in Visalia. These bizarre little fruits are shaped like fingers that reveal tiny green balls when you snap them open. The tangy “citrus caviar” is extremely versatile, and can be mixed into vanilla ice cream, added to salads, used to top sushi, or swirled into champagne and cocktails. Visalia-area Phillips Farms sells them online and is exporting them to Europe.

CEK FOOD EXPOMy co-worker Bob Rodriguez can’t stop talking about the Salsa Sayula hot Mexican Peanut Sauce. He says he’d put it on potato chips, in quesadillas, or in buttery scrambled eggs. He just told me he put a drop straight on his tongue.

  • The chipotle beer-battered cheese curds from Traver-based Vintage Cheese Company are similar to mozzarella sticks, but shorter and way more yummy. They comes in chipotle, sage and white cheddar flavors and you can get it at the Bravo Farms restaurants.

The Seriously Hot Headed Dutchman cheese is a gouda with an explosive smoky flavor that isn’t overly hot. Created by 9th Street Cheese, it’s rubbed with a local olive oil and roasted peppers. The cheese, along with the milder Hot Headed Dutchman is brand new and now sold only at 9th Street Cheese’s store in Fowler.

You can see all the new products competing here.

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