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Shawn Ashmore likes being in the dark

shawnShawn Ashmore’s as much in the dark about who’s good and who’s bad in his new creepy FOX series “The Following” as the fans of the show.

Each week, someone you would least expect turns out to be on the side of the serial killer who is giving the FBI — including his old nemesis Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) — major headaches through his loyal followers.

The question of whether his character is good or bad comes up while I’m talking to Ashmore — a lot about his days playing Iceman in three “X-Men” movies. Even if he knew whether his character is good or bad, he would never tell. The weekly surprises are a big part of what makes the show so fun to watch.

Each surprise also makes it fun for the actors.

“That’s what’s great about this show. You can’t rule anything out,” says Ashmore. “As an actor on the show you constantly have it in the back of your mind. Am I going to die? Am I part of it?

“For me, it’s beneficial not to know those things because you never want to wink at the audience. It’s not that kind of show. What I like to do is just get the scripts and play that moment. I am excited when I get a script to see what’s going to happen. I’ve never read part of one of the scripts and put it down. I’ve always had to keep reading.”

Ashmore wouldn’t consciously change how he’s acting if he were to find out his character was one of the bad guys. But, he believes that subconsciously it would have an affect on what he does.

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