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Fres-Know: Hi, we’re your blind date

NO SPLITTING THE CHECK HERE: Three people are in custody after an online-dating connection that went very badly for a Clovis man. [Bee]

WELCOME: Over at Fresno Famous, Johnny Appeal moves in. [Fresno Famous]

TOURIST TRAP: Barry Falke wonders why those Highway 99 signs for the Fresno Met haven’t been taken down. Um, Caltrans? [Facebook]

SURVEY SAYS: Nation’s most miserable cities? You won’t find Fresno included. After our run of bad survey press recently, that’s something to be thankful for. [Forbes]

INFERIORITY COMPLEX: Bee letter writer slams Fresno State professor for using terms “hoi polloi” and “know-nothings,” then says it makes his Fresno State degree less prestigious than USC. [Bee]

TAKE THAT: Another letter writer retaliates by calling USC the “University of Spoiled Children.” [Bee]

MORE KAI: Remember the pics we showed you of Kai making a music video with Patrick Contreras? Now you can watch it. Look for the video after the jump. [YouTube]

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