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Bandgeek!: Minor Birds, Stone Foxes and a Gorilla Stomp

19-elgIt’s Rogue Festival time, which means that Fresno’s cultural arts landscape will be on overload straight through to next weekend.  One might think the music scene would take the time off.  YOU. WOULD. BE. WRONG. The weekend is as full up as any we’ve seen in awhile. So, let’s get to it. Let’s BANDGEEEEEEEEK!!



Kat Jones@FBC



  • We should include at least one music-related Rogue show. So, here it is: The Dirty Song Sing Along, featuring the Suicide Lounge. At the Starline. 7 p.m. $7 (in Rogue bucks). Rated NC-17. (No flier link)

That’s what we found anyway. Feel free to add your own in the comments or email me at

Responses to "Bandgeek!: Minor Birds, Stone Foxes and a Gorilla Stomp"

blake says:

another music related Rogue show for the weekend (and important for me to plug since it’s only happening this one weekend): Return to the Planet of the Harp & Theremin @ Veni Vidi Vici—Fri. at 6:15, Sat. at noon, and Sat. at 5pm. —all new music arrangements from this …yes, you guessed it…harp & theremin combo (w/ percussion from John Shafer!).

Dale Stewart says:

I’m going to the one at the Fno Brewing Co. to meet the new Captain of the Starship Famous.

blake says:

another music-related Rogue Festival show that’s happening this weekend (and *only* this weekend) is:
“Return to the Planet of the Harp & Theremin”. Enjoy a completely new set of music from this group that matches the other-worldly whir of the theremin with the ancient sound of the harp (and also includes John Shafer on percussion!). Friday evening at 6:15, Saturday at 12noon and Saturday at 5pm. —all at Veni Vidi Vici. [get your Rogue Bucks first!]

DJ Matter Embryo says:

please consider coming out to the Studio 74 this weekend for these rock-related Rogue events:

Matthew Embry + 1…….this is the shocking return! original songs and more for you,
‘the composer refuses to die…’ E. Varese

Friday + Saturday (March 1, 2)…7PM (two different shows)

Clatterbox………………….(in a Work In Progress Production of) ‘The Madness of Alphabet’,
our new live show with original video by Ben Bustos, electronics by
A-Boy Spork + Clatterbox

two showings, Sunday (March 3)…6PM + 8PM

thank you for your attention, now i must get back to
listening to Rush.

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