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Gig review: Napoletano Tap Takeover@F.B.C.

Dovves@F.B.C. (photo from Matt Napoletano) Fresno Brewing Company has done a good job of establishing itself as a hub for the craft beer set (also as a more-than-decent music venue, but that’s a different post). For those who care about things like IBUs and ABV percentages, this is the place to go and last night was perfect case in point. The Napoletano brothers (Matt and Nick) took over for the evening and showed off some of their favorite brews, including some kind of super-special keg of Tioga-Sequia’s Sugar Pine Cocoa-Vanilla Porter. I had the Obsidian Stout from Deschutes Brewery.

There was also some music, fire-eating and general good times had.

My set: This was supposed to be a Josh and Jaime set, but Jaime was overtaken by the flu (It’s out there people. Wash your hands),  so I played solo. There were some originals plus a couple of cover tunes (The Handsome Family’s “Weightless Again” for example).

Dovves: Dovves is Jemimah Barba, who does an edgy sort of indie-folk. She was in the short-lived band Still Stoked and part of a group of affiliated musicians who played something called Friendcore (which they totally made up). In Still Stoked, she  provided an angelic juxtaposition to the brash snottiness of the rest of the band. Playing solo, she loses some of the edge, but (as it was pointed out to me) she is just so adorable with her college sweater and ukulele and lilting voice.

Circus et Cetrera: Fire eating. Which, I am sure is totally safe, but still set me on edge. I mean that in a good way.

All in all, a great Monday night in downtown Fresno.

Responses to "Gig review: Napoletano Tap Takeover@F.B.C."

Jeff Hallock says:

Good to see an actual review of an actual local band (even if it was a solo act and the review was two sentences long). Thanks for sharing an opinion! Those of us out here who don’t get a good spread on the local music spectrum really appreciate some tips on stuff we should maybe check out, and performers won’t suffer and die if you say how maybe you didn’t like their work so much, as long as you’re specific about what forms your opinion. Good reviews give both sides of the stage something to think about. Even if we disagree it helps us be better at what we do, audience and performer both. Keep it up and bring it on!

blake says:

If this was facebook, I’d press ‘like’ on Josh’s post and Jeff’s comment.

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