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Blow-dry only salon to open in Fresno

Fresno is getting a blow-dry bar.

For $35, women can get their hair washed, blow-dried and styled by a professional at a different kind of a salon in River Park. There’s no cutting or coloring involved, simply styling for a special occasion or a pick-me-up.

Blown Away is still under construction near RaceRoom and GNC, with plans to open in early December. Genelle Taylor, one of the big wigs at Fresno State’s Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, is starting the business.

Blow-dry bars are popping up nationwide as women indulge in little luxuries, with a chain in Los Angeles opening its 10th location recently. And since I’m betting some of you are still baffled by this concept, here’s Taylor’s explanation of the popularity of blow-dry bars.

As women, we always are looking for the fun, affordable luxuries in life, and everyone is always saying to their hairstylists, ‘I wish you could come do my hair every day.’ Just like we get manicures and pedicures, it’s just the next big thing.

What do you think, Fresno? Will you go?

Responses to "Blow-dry only salon to open in Fresno"

pk says:

Not for $35 (you can still get a decent cut here in town for that!) I can get the same for $10 at any of the schools, and $20 at any salon

valerie says:

i agree with that 35 is too much for the service. then again, in riverpark most people will pay this and think its a bargain!

glen Cole says:

I find Fresno to be in need of client specific creates jobs, that’s benefit! Boosts the economy, that’s a benefit! Gives busy working women an easy alternative saving time getting ready…it’s a good thing!i guarantee the benefit will out weighs the price, it’s more than a blow dry…

annalisa says:

Yes 35 is pricey however i have been to the schools to get a blow dry and style and i walk out with frizzy hair so I am curious to see if the blow dry bar will be an answer to my prayers..I have gone to the high end salons paid 60-80 for a wash and blow dry and walk out feeling my hair is soo camera ready and it lasts 3 days! so I hope I can pay 35 and get that same feeling I find out tomorrow YAY!

Serena Fabela says:

I think this is great for days when time just gets away from you. Us women need that pampering and perhaps updo for special occasions.

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