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A letter from the new Mike Oz


For those following the count-down clock, we’ve hit the zero hour (to the chagrin of at least one user). Those following me over from my previous gig at Fresno Famous will need no introduction, but the rest of y’all probably want to know what I am about.

First off, I like lists. So:

      •  Downtown. When the Vagabond Lofts were built in 2006, I was the first to move in. Literally, the very first resident in the complex (OK, I had a roommate). I was what then-council member Henry T. Perea called an urban pioneer. I fully buy into the idea that a city is only as good as its downtown, and that Fresno can be (heck, it already is) a vibrant, cultural hot-spot. To that end, I’ll be keeping up with the city’s efforts to get people back to the urban core. For now, check out I Believe in Downtown Fresno. You don’t have to take the pledge, but you can at least get informed.
        To keep from being all north Fresno vs. south, I also have an affinity for Fig Garden Village and the Tower District and have no problem hanging out at River Park when I need to.

    • Bicycles. Vintage bikes, road bikes, race bikes, single-speed fixies: Bikes are just super cool machines. I spent more time researching and buying my bicycle than I did on my car and find myself craning my neck any time someone rides by. To that end, I’ll be passing along info on groups like The Fresno Bike Party, which has monthly rides around town. Also: Creative Fresno’s mural bike ride. It’s a members-only event, so if you don’t belong, you’ll need to join. CycleEXIF is an awesome site for bike porn (totally safe for work).
    • Reading. Books are my favorite. Donald has this covered here at the Beehive, so I’ll probably just add in my two cents on his posts. Starting tomorrow I’ll be reading Jason Heller’s novel “Taft 2012,” which I found on my desk this morning. Welcome to the Bee!
    • Beer. I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I want it to be good. To that end, I suggest you check out the Perfect Pour Podcast and/or any of the growing number of local breweries. Tioga-Sequoia comes to mind and is having a big-ish event soon. Also: Fresno Brewing Company, which doesn’t technically brew but, but has dozen on tap and in bottles. I will be there tonight hanging out and playing some music. Which brings us to …
    • Music. My tastes of late tend to be on the hyper-local side and I’ll have to do some research on who won what Grammy. BUT I can tell you about most of the bands playing in town this weekend. While, Keith Morris’ new band OFF! has been in constant rotation for the past week (as has Broncho), I’m big on the local bands. A quick top five (if you made me choose): Murder Park, General Populus, Sparklejet, Sunburns, Mane Horse. In that vein, I’ll be posting concert and gig reviews, plus a Beehive version of the weekend musical round-up BANDGEEEEEEK! You can also hear me on from 6-7 p.m. Mondays on KFSR (where I co-host the Local Show).

So, there it is. Hope you enjoy.

Responses to "A letter from the new Mike Oz"

Hootz says:

One of the first events that I went to force myself to get involved in Fresno “stuff” was a Creative Fresno Blender at the Daily Grill. I was incredibly nervous and SURE that everyone would see me for a phony. And they probably did. Cuz I probably am.

BUT, the first person who talked to me at that event was you. I remember sitting with you and Conlan at a table and realizing that there were great, creative, smart people in this town. Smarter, greater and more creative than me and that made me feel good.

I called my wife on the way home and told her about the cool folks I had met. Of course, she already knew who you were. Because, as usual, she’s much cooler than I.

Really glad your voice will be added to the Beehive. Congrats, sir.

Nick says:

Cheers to CycleEXIF. and Perfect Pour Podcast, Thanks Josh! Best of luck on your new adventure!

Bethany Clough says:

Yea! Welcome, Josh! I’m hoping you stir things up around here. (He already was the recipient of a group of 4th graders on a tour screaming “welcome, Josh” in unison this morning. Good start.) We’re super happy to have you.

JJJ says:

Your picture is Mike Oz.

Are you aware that “I Believe in Downtown Fresno” is actually the ” I want to pave over the Fulton Mall” website? Look at their pledge. Thats their one and only “mission”

Josh Tehee says:

JJJ: I am aware of its stance on the Fulton Mall and I tend to be on the other side. Here’s what I wrote a few weeks back after the Mayor’s State of Downtown event. The link wasn’t meant as ringing endorsement, and I think continued discussion on the fate of the mall is great. Mostly, I wanted to give a quick nod to some smart, creative and energetic people who believe in what downtown is/can be. I should have linked to the Downtown Partnership (though it should be noted, it is in favor of mall traffic as well).

marcel says:

Looking forward to your postings here, Josh! Cheers!

Cafe Corazon says:

Congrats dude!

Tony Miller says:

Hi Mike,
I see ‘books’ are your favorite, mine too! A novel I wrote “I’ll See You In Your Dreams” just hit Amazons best seller list. It was #1 in the ‘time travel, Romance’ genre and #5 in Historical Fiction and 31 across all genres. Since that is out of 500,000 books I am thrilled beyond belief.Now, I am originally a Texan where bragging is not a sin but an art form. I jest, I am actually shocked by the worldwide popularity of a book I wrote. Perhaps I’m only dreaming.
AT any rate it it is set at The Meux home downtown and Anne Meux is one of my main characters.
I am at a ‘give back’ stage of life and hoped to create something to give a positive spin on Fresno.
I am also a hairstylist for many years in Fresno and am most known as the former owner of The Hungry Hair. I am currently at Reflections Salon Marks and Shaw/
Since we both want to help Fresno and downtown perhaps we can combine forces in some way.

@TheNickHaas says:

Wonderful to have you sir! Really looking forward to hearing your voice on the Beehive!

Koko says:

Congratulation Josh !! Salud !! I’ll be sending my event info to you …

The Fresnan says:

I may have to run up against a pay wall now.

JJJ says:

Putting a mostly online-only section of the paper behind a paywall = idiotic.

Good news is that its a remarkably easy paywall to get around.

ed says:

fresnan, hit me up, i’ll tell you how to work it.

kevikev says:

Welcome to the party Josh! Any beer swilling, bicycle riding, music junkie is all right by me! Look forward to reading your columns!

e. field says:

…welcome aboard… -e

blake says:

Love the manifesto/credo. Looking forward to more awesome work from you in this new forum. Congrats and all the best of luck!

Bryan Harley says:

Congrats on the new gig!

John Rios says:

Josh! Great to see you taking over! You’ve always been one of my very favorite voices, local or otherwise. Congrats on the new position, you’ll be great. No pressure ;)

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