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How was Rakim at Audie’s?

I saw lots of buzz on Twitter and Facebook about last night’s Rakim show at Audie’s Olympic. How was it? As good as people are saying?



Responses to "How was Rakim at Audie’s?"

Matt says:

it was great! Witnessed a professional that has been perfecting his craft for 30 years!

Dusty P says:

Yes. The show was fantastic. Rakim took a while to get to the stage, but once he was up there he was as good as ever. The crowd was awesome and you definitely felt like you were watching a legend still very much in his prime. Nothing could faze him on that stage, even the ridiculous amount of photographers in his face. He is very grateful of his fans also. In fact, the entire list of rappers on the bill were great as well! This show was booked very good. A lot of Fresno talent up there that showed they deserved to open up for a rap icon.

Michael Uremovic says:

Rakim put on a great performance. Fresno really came out and supported. He definitely was feeling the love and I know had a great impression of Fresno.

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