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Tonight: Rakim at Audie’s Olympic

Forgive me for the late notice, but this is outside my usual coverage area: There’s a big  show tonight in Fresno featuring rap star Rakim.

Man-about-town Brodiemash writes why this is a big deal:

Rakim is every rapper’s favorite rapper. I know that’s a phrase that gets overused but in this case, 99% of the time it’s the truth. Many of the world’s best lyricists look up to him as the best ever.

Indeed, in In 2012, The Source ranked Rakim #1 on their list of the Top 50 Lyricists of All Time. The show is at 9 p.m. at Audie’s.



Responses to "Tonight: Rakim at Audie’s Olympic"

Migz says:

Truely considered one of the best who ever did it, and still doing it.

Matt P. says:

Great show, and even greater to see lot of the old Fresno hip-hop heads who came out and showed up, including younger generations like myself.

He’s definitely still doing it. Nearly 30 years now, true professional, and it was clear on stage.

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