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Let’s hear it for chamber music


It turns out February is a very good month for chamber music fans. There have been some great concerts already, and this weekend features some good prospects as well.

I wrote a hefty column last Sunday about three of the Fresno biggies when it comes to the chamber music scene: Orpheus, Moment Musical and Musica Viva. I do realize that chamber music has a pretty narrow draw and likely always will, so I understand if you choose to glaze right past this post, but if there’s one thing about chamber music I wanted to get across in my column, it’s this:

There’s a tremendous variety. You can go to a concert filled to the brim with Haydn and Mozart one night, then settle in to a raucous zydeco-and-blues set the next.

One best bet this weekend is a 3 p.m. Sunday performance of the Calidore String Quartet at Visalia’s Main Street Theatre.

The Calidore String Quartet comes with impressive credentials: It won grand prize at both the prestigious 2011 Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition and the 2012 Coleman and Chesapeake International Chamber Music Competition. Now the ensemble brings its sound to Visalia in a performance presented by the Three Rivers Performing Arts Institute. The quartet also will perform 7 p.m. Saturday at the Three Rivers Community Presbyterian Church, 43410 Sierra Drive, Three Rivers.

The Three Rivers Performing Arts Institute is making a big splash in the South Valley chamber music scene. I’ll be bringing you more events from them in the future.

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