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Kai in court: the tweets tell the story

UPDATE: Bee photographer Eric Paul Zamora has posted a hil-lar-i-ous photo gallery of Kai in court. You kind of have to see it to believe it.

ORIGINAL POST: Yes, another Kai update. I promise I’m not going to be snide in any way, shape or form because I seem to have hurt KMPH’s Jessob Reisbeck’s feelings a little. (Sample tweets to me from Mr. Reisbeck:  “hahaha jealousy is a brutally jagged pill, Mr. Munro. Keep up the good work. Whatever work that is that you do.” And this: ” I’ve asked people who you are… no one knows. You have 96 followers. Find out what makes a good news story & that may change.” (Obviously, folks, I need more Twitter followers to establish my presence in this town. After three weeks I still have shy of 100. Help! Follow me at @donaldbeearts!)

That settled, let’s get down to business. The Bee’s John Ellis (@johnellis24) has been in the courtroom this morning chronicling “Kai’s Excellent Adventure with the Criminal Justice System.”















Responses to "Kai in court: the tweets tell the story"

The Real Dave says:

nice that this guy amuses you fresno people, obviously something isnt right in the old noggen………….

Pk says:

Um…. The ‘herb’ methinks……

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