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A (very) brief Kai update

I know, I know. I’d hoped to lose my Kai correspondent badge under the piles of stuff on my messy desk, but I had to dig it out this morning. Remember the whole brouhaha over the subpoena served to “Kai the Hero Hatcheter” while he was down in L.A. filming the Jimmy Kimmel show? The Bee’s Marc Benjamin tweets:

Poor Kai. He’s ordered to be in Fresno on Feb. 20 by a skittish Fresno D.A.’s office worried he won’t show, and then he gets bumped.

Meanwhile, KMPH reporter Jessob Reisbeck is riding the Kai wave as far as he can, this time in a report on a Fresno woman who chased away a burglar with a pair of hefty gardening shears. (He called her on Twitter “Kai’s crime fighting competition.”) What’s next: A fitness trainer foiling a mugging with his jump rope? A buffet worker pouring hot soup on a customer sneaking out cold cuts? A couple more citizens-fight-back-with-odd-implements stories and Reisbeck could host his own local show titled “Who Wants to be Bludgeoned with a Weedwacker?” (KMPH clip after the jump.)KMPH FOX 26 | Central San Joaquin Valley News Source


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Responses to "A (very) brief Kai update"

Rick says:

Those items you mention are going to be your only means of defense against criminals after California Demos are finished with your 2A RIGHTS. These people are lucy they are not dead.

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