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Downton Abbey fans mourning, raging

downtonIf the season finale of Downton Abbey is still sitting on your DVR, stop reading this right now.

For the rest of you, was that your hollering and pounding of fists I heard about 10:30 p.m. last night? Like many fans, I was shocked and unhappy to see the show kill off yet another of its beloved main characters last night. (Though it wasn’t a total surprise, thanks to some spoilerish Facebook folks who don’t know how to keep their lips zipped.) I feel like I want to wear pants to dinner as a protest.

Fans were mournful and angry on Twitter too. There was even a new term flying about the Twitterverse: Downtown rage.

Here’s a sampling of some of the strong emotions vented on Twitter last night.


And my favorite Downton Abbey image floating around the internet:

pbs pledge drive

Responses to "Downton Abbey fans mourning, raging"

Heather P says:

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING beats Patton Oswalt’s Downton Rage on twitter. A sight to behold:

Lisa says:

So frustrating! They are like the Kennedys. Super rich and well off but have a cursed family with tragic ends. Would like to see Edith with someone her age/appropriate. Was thinking Branson but now they might put him with Mary.

Bethany Clough says:

Mary would never marry someone so beneath her (though they could conveniently raise babies together). I keep rooting for Edith too. I think sooner or later her perfect prince will come and she won’t have to settle for someone too old for her or, ahem, married!

Heather P says:

I’ve said since the first season that of the three daughters, Edith will be the one most likely to find a happy, productive life after the global economic crash and WWII. She will have depended upon neither her family background nor her marriage to sustain her. She will have figured out how to rise on her own steam.

The actress, too, is beginning to come into her own. After two seasons of being called the “dowdy” one of the sisters, Laura Carmichael is emerging as the actress with the most range and nuance– and the ability to play more than just the “beautiful roles,” as we say in the thee-ya-tah!

Peter Robertson says:

Alas, it wasn’t a fairy tale and “The Downton Abbey” clan did NOT “live happily ever after.”

But, I have to admit, after viewing all Three Seasons since the first one, that I was shocked and saddened to see Matthew Crawley’s life end so abruptly.

And, yes! I do want to see a Season 4! You’ve gotten me (us) this far, Julian Fellowes! Bring it on!

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