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Analeigh Tipton ‘Model’ actor

WARM BODIESTomorrow is Valentine’s Day and three new movies are opening if you are looking for a date option: “Safe Haven,” “Beautiful Creatures” and “A Good Day to Die Hard.” The first two have a romantic element that make them obvious picks. “Dies Hard” doesn’t seem like the kind of film that fits a romantic date but the studio is promoting it as a film where “you can get some action.”

All three are good selections but don’t forget “Warm Bodies.” The romantic comedy about a girl and her zombie is a great date movie because it blends falling in love elements with killing zombies.

If you go see the movie, you might recognize Analeigh Tipton who plays Nora, the best friend to the zombie lover. Before getting into acting, she appeared on the 11th edition of the TV reality competition series “America’s Next Top Model” and finished third.

Here are five questions with the young actress/model:

QUESTION: Was being on “America’s Top Model” a good move?
ANALEIGH TIPTON: I am going to say yes. What “Top Model” gave me was a fan base which now with social media, name and notoriety sometimes has more draw over talent. Being on the show opened me the door to be in the room to get auditioned.

Q: How cool is it to hold a gun on John Malkovich?
A: I called my parents and said “Guess what I get to do.” I’m sure he felt me shaking the first time we did it. I must have been sweating and he must have felt sorry for me.

Q: Do you tweet?
A: I do. But, they are a little bit off the wall. You have to be OK with some really odd insights at any moment. I’m pretty sure most of my followers think I’m on drugs. I’m not. It’s just how I think.

Q: You are both an actress and a model. What’s the one thing you would like to be able to do?
A: Walk in heels as a model. I would love to be an astronaut but I don’t ever want pay money to go up in space. Hopefully there’ll be a movie where I can play an astronaut.

Q: If there was a zombie apocalypse, what’s the one thing you would want to save?
A: My lip pencil. You can use it as blush and on lips.

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