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There’s little romance in Fresno

It seems our passion for Nicholas Cage movies over Nicholas Sparks films has finally caught up with us. Fresno’s one of the least romantic cities in the United States. That’s according to Redbox and is based on the movie renting habits of local residents. Fresno ranks ninth, one of only three cities outside Texas that made the list.

Here’s the good news. Bakersfield is eighth. And this was the third year in a row that Laredo, Texas, was named the least romantic.

CAGEThis is the complete list of least romantic cities:
1. Laredo, Texas
2. Midland, Texas
3. El Centro
4. Victoria, Texas
5. Odessa, Texas
6. McAllen, Texas
7. Houston, Texas
8. Bakersfield
9. Fresno
10. Beaumont, Texas

Keep that in mind when you pick out a film for Valentine’s Day.

SAFE HAVENIn case you care, here is the top 10 most romantic cities according to Redbox.
1. Marquette, Mich.
2. Greenville, N.C.
3. La Crosse, Wis.
4. Ames, Iowa
5. Greensboro, N.C.
6. Grand Rapids / Kalamazoo, Mich.
7. Wausau, Wis.
8. Madison, Wis.
9. Green Bay, Wis.
10. Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Responses to "There’s little romance in Fresno"

Kristin C says:

Those people at Redbox must be idiots. Don’t they know that scary movies are what gets the blood going? When you watch a scary (or action) movie, blood starts pumping, the juices start flowing, you are way more likely to get lucky! Nicholas Sparks movies are just going to put you to sleep.

Lisa says:

There hasn’t been any good romantic movies at Redbox lately. I want to see Warm Bodies but that’s Zombie love, not sure if it counts. Also, how we know its talking about us? There’s a Fresno, TX. Seems like its more likely about that one with the rest of the Texas locations.

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