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More Kai shenanigans: updated

UPDATE: Kai — whose real name is Caleb Lawrence — was visited by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies on Monday during his trip to Southern California for the Jimmy Kimmel show, The Bee’s Marc Benjamin writes this afternoon. Kai was handed a subpoena so he would not miss a Fresno County court appearance in a hearing Feb. 20 for the man accused of attacking a PG&E worker.

ORIGINAL POST: For those who thought last week’s “Kai the Homeless Homefree Hatchet-Wielding Hero Hitchhiker” story would have trickled down to the no-minute mark on the 15-Minute Fame Scale, never fear: He’s still making headlines. And I’m still wearing my Kai Correspondent credentials. The latest incident is a brouhaha that unfolded last night behind the scenes on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

According to Tweets posted by Jessob Reisbeck, the KMPH reporter who keeps getting exclusives with Kai (and is likely making sacrifices daily to the network gods thanking them for getting his clips watched all over the country), things got sticky when Kai turned up to film Kimmel’s show. From Reisbeck’s series of Tweets:


Lots more Kai coverage, including the Jimmy Kimmel video, after the jump.

As for the 4-minute interview segment on "Jimmy Kimmel" -- which was staged in one of those cheesy interior car sets with a blue screen behind it depicting traffic whizzing by -- Kai managed to:

1) climb on top of the car instead of opening the door, prompting Kimmel to worry aloud about the weight-bearing integrity of the structure;

2) get bleeped more times for profanity than a Chelsea Handler monologue;

3) admit to shoplifting grocery carts full of items from Target and K-mart, then give beer away to random people on the street;

4) lash out at rich fat white men, a group to which Kimmel professed membership;

5) profess a utopian political ideology that includes throwing off the chains of the monetary system ("the quickest way to devalue a currency is to stop believing in it");

6) insist that trees are the same as people;

7) smack down Christianity, saying that when it comes to the disturbed man with a Messiah complex whom he incapacitated with his hatchet, "there's not a difference between him and who they sell as Jesus, anyway, is there?"; and

8) entertain the audience with his surfer dude persona. My prediction: Kai gets a reality show in which he travels the highways and byways of America surfing, giving away money and stirring up a Robin Hooding crusade.

In other words, not exactly your typical Jimmy Kimmel guest.


In other Kai News (do I get hazard pay for this?), here are some tidbits:

SURFBOARD NIRVANA: Later on "Kimmel," Kai got that surfboard and wetsuit he wanted. [Filmdrunk]
THE "REAL" KAI REVEALED: KMPH's big close-up-and-personal interview, via [Mashable]
HEARTS APLENTY: You can make your own Kai the Hitchhiker Valentines by printing them for free. [The Swell Life]




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Responses to "More Kai shenanigans: updated"

Dan says:

…just goes to show how desperate KMPH is to stay relevant….

Def sounds like this Kai dude should be of interest to the cops. “Cartloads” of items stolen by his own admission. Can we say suspected felon-grand theft or burglary. Add to that his political philosophy. That should be of interest to the Homeland Security folks too. Dude sounds like he came out of the Occupy Oakland encampment….

wes says:

Why are you taking it so literal?

Anne says:

oh please…

Jess says:

Wow, really? Yeah because we’ve all been accountable for EVERY sin/mistake we’ve ever done right? Your taking this way too far. At the end of the day the guy is a hero.

Brian says:

I’ve stolen literally hundreds of luxury automobiles from Lexus dealerships nationwide. I won’t give you dates, locations, or the merchandise I took, but I did say that I did it. I feel so much better now that I’ve come out and said it. Please, call you local PD and see how much money you can get them to sink into investigating me. F—— dolt.

Mookie says:

You’re not the sharpest axe in the drawer are you Dan? Burglary is the criminal offense of breaking and entering a a dwelling or building with the intent of committing a felony or crime. At no time did he state that he broke into either establishment. Also, while Kai claims to have committed theft of property, he never states the approximate monetary value of said items. “Cartload” does not automatically equal “felony”.

Do you honestly think either establishment is going to waste the resources required to review thousands of hours of recordings at numerous stores across the country on the off chance that they might catch a glimpse of Kai stealing items that may or may not amount to a felony prosecution? You honestly think they would risk that much bad PR and waste that much money over a what amounts to chump change and a tax write off. As for Homeland Security, I think you may have them confused with Mall Security and the like. Hunting down shoplifters isn’t exactly their department.

Kai isn’t Public Enemy #1 nor is he The Greatest American Hero. He’s just a guy who happened to be in the right place at the right time that performed a heroic act. The end.

soloman says:

Why don’t you get a life Danielle,it’s people like you that make the world a miserable place for honest,happy people. Kai has more balls than you’ll ever have,especially with openly admitting his faults,much to say for ALL POLITICIANS!

The Real Dave says:

did you people not notice how evasive he was during interviews, wont give last name or age
he suddenly became all your hero, awwww

Akira Productions says:

Just featured this story on the Kai The Homefree Hitchhiker facebook like page where Kai himself is admin with over 7,000 FB likes now. by the way, the like page was created from Fresno too.

Michael says:

wow, you fresnonians are a sad angry people. what kind of society do we live in when a guy who saves two lives and gives all his worldly possessions to those in need (where have a I heard of this before?! oh yeah…THE BIBLE.) and we talk about making him a person of interest for HOMELAND SECURITY?! HAHAHA way to be a cliche. just because someone chooses to live a life differently than you does not make them evil or even a threat. who cares if he doesn’t give his full name, who cares if has smoked too much pot? i guarantee if you had been that women or man that crazy person attacked this guy would have been your hero too. stop feeling so high and mighty. the world would be a much better place if we had a few extra kai’s here.

The Real Dave says:


Amy says:

Hey, Michael, that f***ing Dan dude doesn’t speak for all of Fresno. Everybody I’ve talked to here has taken this Kai dude to their hearts. Don’t be so f***ing quick to bash Fresno, man; you’re being un-Fresno.

Mookie says:

Whoa whoa whoa Michael, what makes you think Dan the Non Thinking Man speaks for all of Fresno? He certainly doesn’t speak for me. Considering your baseless decision to lump us all together so quickly, it would appear that you have more in common with Dan than the rest of us do.

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