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A heartfelt show at Gallery 25

Artists Karen LeCocq and David Medley’s new heart-themed show at Gallery 25 arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day. We devote my column and a big chunk of the front of Sunday’s Spotlight section to “26 Years of Valentines,” which documents the couple’s traditions of making heart-themed artworks for each other each year to celebrate the holiday. As part of the Spotlight package, I filmed my first Fresno Bee video. (One thing you can say for my job: I’m always learning something new!) Check it out:

Here’s the link to the video on the video page if you want to share it.

“26 Years of Valentines” continues through March 3. Oh, and for you lovebirds: LeCocq and Medley will be on hand at the gallery 5-8 p.m. Thursday for special Valentine’s Day hours.

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