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5 Things to Do This Weekend: WWMD?*

*WWMD: What Would Mike Do?

As most of you know, our stellar blogger and good friend Mike Osegueda has left the Beehive for greener fields. We’re excited that Josh Tehee will be joining us soon — we’ve installed a “Josh Clock” counting down the days until Feb. 25 — but until then, we’re doing some scrambling. The good thing is that Mike left us with an extended version of his beloved “Post No Bills,” with events extending all the way through  May.

So, with the admission that I only recently learned that Jay-Z was not a genetically modified lavender-blue bird, I picked five events this weekend and am giving them enthusiastic thumbs up. You may mock my judgment if you will. All I ask is that if you have other, more deserving candidates, give a plug in the comments.










Responses to "5 Things to Do This Weekend: WWMD?*"

Famous Whitewater says:

I can only hope that the “Josh Clock” is a real thing.

Mike Oz says:

Good job, Donald. I would have picked a few of these.

Christy says:

No offense to Josh Tehee, but I sure would have liked to have seen Heather come back and fill Mike’s shoes instead!

Gil Vasquez says:

I 2nd this….

bryan medina says:

with Mike now gone, i hope whoever takes over the spot in the interim or until this other person comes in, will be just as good in showcasing local poetry events as well.

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