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Downtown ice rink opens Friday

The opening of the Fulton Mall ice rink has been postponed until Friday. It was supposed to open today, but something about ice not freezing at 80 degrees tripped things up.

The rink, a project of the Downtown Fresno Partnership, opens at 10 a.m. and runs through Jan. 13. To thank people for their patience, the first 100 in line at the opening get in free. Details here. The opening coincides with Mattie’s Mobile Wood Fired Pizza and Catering testing out a permanent location nearby at Mariposa Mall.

The downtown partnership folks have a sense of humor about the delay and posted this on their Facebook page:

Below are a few pics of the ice rink, which is at the Fulton Mall’s Mariposa Street intersection, in front of the old Security Bank building. Here’s a map.



If you’re on the mall and don’t know where to go, just follow the snowflake painted on the ground.

Above pics from Downtown Fresno Partnership. Here’s a panorama from Lasher Photography.

Responses to "Downtown ice rink opens Friday"

Skating Mom says:

This holiday ice skating rink is a GREAT idea for Fresno! But wait–there’s more. On Saturday afternoon December 1, volunteers from the Fresno Arts Council will be available beside the rink to help kids make art for free!

JJJJ says:

Bigger than I expected.

I just hope they also partnered with vendors. Hot chocolate, roasted nuts, popcorn etc.

elguapo says:

Not to be a debbie downer or a bitter betty, but who’s idea was it it put an ice rink in the middle of a spot where there are always homeless and panhandlers hanging out? Good luck moving the homeless out of the way that sleep right next to the rink.

I work near there and walk by the rink everyday and this is the last place I would want to go ice skating. Good luck with getting people to find where to park, paying to park and then having to deal with the people I mentioned above.

If this rink was in river park it would get so much more business.

P.S. I tried the pizza at this new place today, the service was awful and so was the pizza.

Not to be a debbie downer or a bitter betty says:

“Not to be a debbie downer or a bitter betty”……

SO DON’T !!!!!

JJJ says:

So the business owners of the Fulton Mall, which tax themselves to fund local improvements, such as the rink, should use the money to build it at River Park? GENIUS! Give this man a job!

Heavens forbid people of different classes mingle.

And yeah, good luck getting people to pay to park, considering the parking is free. It will be quite the miracle to get them to pay.

Matt says:

Not hating on RiverPark, but putting the icerink there would be too easy. I believe there’s certain, specific reasons that the icerink is being put Downtown / Fulton Mall, and that is part of the revitalization efforts that this area badly needs.

The effort is to SHOW, and reverse mentalities such as yours, that only homeless people and vagrants populate this area. The Downtown area is rich, and full of history, and is making it’s strides. No offense, but attitudes like yours is what’s keep North Fresnans north, and South Fresnans south; this is not the idea. The entire city should be enjoyed as a whole. I’m sick of the whole “south of shaw / north of shaw” mentality.

Every events answer in this town should not be the default “Let’s put it at RiverPark!”

This made me think of an analogy.

It’s like if baseball said, “Let’s put every exciting player on the Yankees because they have the most fans.”

That would be boring, right?

Matt says:


JJJJ says:

Again the certain specific reason it’s located on the mall is that the businesses there voted for an additional self tax to fund things like this, among many other events. City is not involved in handing out outdoor ice skating rinks.

Brandon Partello says:

So where would you put a outdoor ice rink of this size?

Brandon Partello
President & Lead Operations Specialist
ArcticIce Events Management & productions

diane says:

yeah, debbie. Maybe this is a season to be happy you have a job and afford pizza and at the very least empathise withthe homless.

diane says:

and yes I know I can’t type and spell this early

Kassandra says:

So happy this was put together. Way to go Downtown! I’m sure my children will remember all the fun they had at the rink, and not even notice that they had to “deal” with the homeless.

Sherri Martin says:

I have been enjoying and looking forward to CArtHop every Thursday for the last two months with the various musical artists and the great food and have been excited to see the skating rink going up. I plan to bring my daughter and niece to skate. I have also tried the pizza from Mattie’s Mobile Fire Oven and it was delicious. Looking forward to the experience.

Debi says:

Do we need to dig out our ice skates? Rentals available? How much does it cost if you are not one of the first 100 people? Not much information here or their website other than it’s opening.

I wish I had the job of sitting around, cutting and pasting words into a blog and call it a story. Sheesh. Great idea, poor reporting.

From the “details here” link:
General admission $10
Children 12 and Under $8
(includes parking validation and skate rental)

There are also season passes available for $25 (youth), $35 (adult) and $75 (family).

Thomas says:

And poor reading comprehension on the part of the commenter. All that info is available right there at the link. The only thing worse than a crank is a lazy crank.

Nick Haas says:

Was just there this morning. Even in the bit of rain there was, people having a blast, smiles on kid’s faces, good music. And no, we weren’t berated by panhandlers or crack heads lol. Closed minded ignorant people weren’t there either, which is a plus.

bernie vasguez says:

Do they give out skate rentals?

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